Protection vs Cleaning….two very different things!



What about the change of antivirus? I mean, the first antivirus did not protect and the second need to make the cleaning?

Although, I agree that the antivirus should protect (not clean by itself).
Some antivirus are very good on cleaning routines and not so good on protection imho (for instance, Dr. Web).

So as you can see, having both capability of Protection and cleaning in one product is unnecessary!

Thanks Melih , I agree that protection and cleaning are two very different things. but for the users with infected PCs it will be very useful to just download one package ( CIS + CCE included ) and when he installs CIS the CCE will easily be launched and take out all the bad stuff , that is so important to improve the Comodo’s reputation for the average users.

for some yes.

but some infections require cd bootup etc…i am afraid there is no easy answer for infected users.

we are building a cd bootup as well btw…so once the cleaning done, then CCE can recommend to install CIS…but downloading all CIS just to clean while you have CCE (and boot cd) wouldn’t be most efficient imo.



Melih… Why don’t you make CCE capable to start before boot, just like CTM can? Btw I like the video and the concept; no need too clean when a computer can be kept clean. And you did you draw everything in the video

(:CLP) for the video

Keep up the good work Comodo and Melih! :-TU

Valentin N

Best wishes on building the cd boot up :-TU I’m sure it will be a wonderful software , but think of it , let’s say that the users with infected PCs that their case requires a boot up cd will be like 50 % of the total infected users in the market , and the other 50 % doesn’t require a boot up cleaning , so why don’t u make their life easier by integrating the CCE capabilities in CIS ? , and also this will be very useful to get nice results on the famous testing organization ( they care about cleaning much as u know ).

I think Comodo should wait for CCE to mature a bit and then integrate it in CIS , at least to achieve good results in antivirus tests and reviews all around. :-TU

so if protection and cleaning are two different things is comodo going to to take out the av scanner in cis and all the different settings that can be used when the system is infected like in defense + - “block all unknown request if the application is closed” and adaptive mode? cuz all these to me seem like settings and tools for cleaning

It is sad that so many users are unaware that backup & restore solutions exist or are unable to use them. Because when your security software alerts you that you are infected, I think it’s quite more easy to restore a clean image of your system partition than take the whole painfull path of cleaning an infected system.


Quote from PC magazine Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.1 | PCMag
“But because Panda Cloud Antivirus is so very effective at malware blocking, it retains the Editors’ Choice designation for free antivirus. Still, if another app can do better where Panda falls down, at clean up, it might not keep the crown for long”.

Comodo could take the crown. Like Salaficall said, publicity.
I started using Comodo after reading an article in PC Magazine, where he got the EC for a firewall.
I had never heard about Comodo (back then i did not know nothing about computers), and i had to make my choice based on something.
But i understand what Melih is saying.

AV scanner within CIS is mainly used for “usability” rather than cleaning.

The point is: Cleaning and Protecting are 2 seperate tasks. Putting two in one doesn’t make sense…

1)infected PC: most likely you will require a bootup CD…installing your AV that requires hooks etc is the last thing as you might even have difficulty in installing it…The code you need to “protect” a pc is different than a code you need to ‘clean’.

2)Clean PC: now, why would you have any “cleaning code” if your PC is clean? You would just need “protection code”… lets be honest lets say you are using Protection N for your computer…and it fails in protecting and you get infected…do you expect Protection N to clean it? Of course not, it failed in protecting you from the malware in the first place, so it won’t be able to clean it either.

no you miss what i mean by av scanner. i meant the manual scans and scheduled scans that looks for malware not the realtime scanner. the realtime scanner is for usability and the on demand scan is for cleaning and the options i discussed in my first post is also for cleaning not for prevention

interesting point…good question indeed!

Comodo has redefined the way we secure ourselves. Turning the “default allow” methods of “legacy AVs” into a “Default Deny architecture with Automatic Sandboxing”…so…we will continue to evolve…

well it will be interesting to see how cis evolves over time after cce is released

They could also be used for detection, and then at least you know if a problem is present.

if CIS does detect something then you will get an alert through the realtime scanner.

to me i can see Comodo going the way of removing the cleaning portions of CIS and adding them to CCE and when someone installs CIS there will be a message telling them to use CCE to scan there computer to make sure its clean.

Prevention (Protection) in all aspects of life makes a lot of sense (Malware protection included). Human immunizations is a good example, if a severe illness is preventable that beats any cure. Protection has hardly any side effects, where as cures always come at a cost. Don’t wait for a disease,illness, accident, malware or any other bad things in life if a relatively simple protection method is avalaible. I can certainly say protecting your computer is a lot easier than cleaning it. Kind regards.

Imo manual scanning could pick something up that real time has missed, having cloud lookup and rootkit scanning capabilities in manual scans. Also if malware is sitting idle (not executed) real time won’t pick it up.

so cce and cis are going to stay seperate products? personally i think that comodo should put cce into cis and keep a portable version for techys that clean computers. my reasoning is if someone accidently allows a piece of malware into their system they can easily clean it with the same product. cce should have its own seperate tab in cis with killswitch and then DACS can be used in ondemand scanning and the realtime scanner of the AV. This will really help comodo gain popularity for a rock solid cleaning and protection suite. Most average users dont want to have to download and install another product when they get infected. This is just my thoughts

I work as an IT consultant, and many of my customers call me because they have infected PCs and don’t know what to do. Interesting enough, 99% of those infected PCs ran Avira (both free and premium versions), and I really wonder how Avira gets its good scores in those “tests”. But this is the difference of tests and the real life. However, that is another topic.

So, whenever possible, I recommend to wipe the disk, then reinstall and use Comodo. When this is not possible, because no backups exist, or reinstalling everything is extremely time consuming, then I use Comodo to clean it (or MBAM when there is no working internet connection, I always have a current version with me on a stick, and also to verify Comodo’s work after cleaning). Then, when internet connection is reestablished, Comodo is the app of choice to protect.

I could as well sell the standard, costly applications to my customers, that would even make me a bit of money, but I cannot sell inferior products when the best is free, and at the same time telling my customers that I really want the best for them.

However, Comodo keeps their PCs secure, as none of those customers have experienced new infections since.

So, from that point of view, both is important to me, and both, cleaning and protecting, should be covered by one package.