Programs taking an age to load

Hi I have just installed Comodo Firewall and every program takes an age to load even typing is delayed.

What’s the reason for this please?

Windows XP +SP1 + all updates.
1244 Mb Ram
80Gb Hdd
RADION 9250 with 128Mb Ram

Comodo CFP3 specifies XP SP2 or above, so that may have something to do with it. I will move you to help for v3. Let us know if you are actually using V2 instead.

Try putting D+ and the firewall in training mode.

Hi thanks for the reply, I am using version

Hi , I have Comodo set to Training mode for Fire wall and Defence + Security Level and it has made no difference.

Do you have SP2 installed or not? The developers don’t think it will even run correctly without SP2, so I expect some of the Microsoft support isn’t doing what it is supposed to. Can you update to SP2 now that SP3 is imminent?

Yes I do have SP2 installed.

Edit 12.19 UTC 26/03/08 I have had to remove Comodo Firewall because using the PC was impossible.

Well I see you didn’t use D+ in training mode. Rather then giving up look at peoples suggestions.

I presume D+ is Defence + ? if that is so then I had the Defence + set to training mode. I tried it set to Disable and performance improved a little but not as much as when Comodo was not installed.

I will keep trying.

Well if you are going to take that kind of attitude then you can stick comodo where the sun dose not shine. (:AGY)

Not every person that uses software knows the full ins and outs of the software! and I thought forums were here to help people ? but you are clearly to arrogant and self satisfied for that.

My advice was merely to point out how easy one can get a virus or spyware if you don’t need or understand what your installing. Sorry you took offense to it. Its like not reading instructions before you hook up your HD TV.

You said yourself in reply # 4 you put the firewall and D + in training mode so you must know what D+ is.

Well I tried Comodo again and it still slows my PC to a crawl, I even installed an extra 1Gb ram bringing my total to 2Gb ram. I tried using the scan my computer feature in Comodo and 5 hours later it still had not finished I have an 80 Gb HDD.

One thing I have observed with Comodo is the process cfp & service’s take all the CPU capacity I have a 1.8 Ghz AMD CPU.

I observed all this with the program AnVir Task Manager Free edition.

Surly comodo should not use all this CPU resources should it???

Look at your D+ events. Is there anything about memory access being blocked? I use Comodo on my laptop and desktop and get no slow downs what so ever. Comodo is actually the lightest firewall around. Uses only about 10K.

Hi Vettetch,

There was nothing in the D+ events at first, however, when I went and looked into the Advanced section of Defence + Tasks and opened the Defence+ Settings at the bottom of that window and removed the tick in the Phisical Memory I now have five events in the Defense+Events window and two refer to Access memory and are then relateted to AnVir Task Manager. I removed the tick to Interprocess Memory Accesses also but this made no improvement.

Performance is a little better with the tick removed form Physical Memory option in the Tab Monitoring Settings in D+ Settings.

Even re-drawing a window is painfuly slow and typing this I have to wait sometimes for the curser to catch up!

You need to add Avir Task Manager to the memory access. Go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and highlight Comodo firewall pro. Click on edit then click on protection access. Click on modfiy next to Interprocess Memory Access and add Avir Taskmanager.

How many times have you reboot since installing? Most firewalls take a couple of reboots till everything is running. Also try using D+ in training mode.

Just had a message telling me there was an update to comodo so I accepted and installed and things are running a little better.

As far as re-booting I have re-booted about six times since installing Comdo , I will re-boot again and see how things go.

OK your going to shout at me for this but here goes, I thought I was getting somewhere with Version 3 but after a while every thing just crawls and just opening any program takes ages I can go and make a cup of tea while it’s opening.

I still have it installed but it is disabled from running at present and programs open much faster.

I am willing to take any advice on making this work!

As you can see my PC should be able to cope with the program.

Windows XP +SP2 + all updates.
1.8 Ghz AMD Processor.
2Gb Ram
80Gb Hdd
RADION 9250 with 128Mb Ram

Have you tried putting D+ in training mode or look at your D+ events and seeing if something was blocked. What av are you using?