Programs taking an age to load

Hi Vettetech,

I think I may have found the problem ! I am fairly sure it was Nero 7 and the indexing service of this software, I have uninstall ed the software and fingers crossed things are looking better, it took nearly one and half hours to uninstall nero 7 !!! needless to say I will not be installing this again.

As I write this reply my CPU with CFP is 00 and my Mem usage with CFP is 4792k a lot better than yesterday, I will post back later to report if this improvement continues.

Nero is bloated junk. I use Ashampoo Burning Software. There are also tons of free programs. You will find that there are several entires of Ahead still in your pc. I duped Nero ages ago.

Yes I agree with you, I will do a registry clean and then see if any thing is left.

Oh by the way thanks for all the help and advice you have kindly given I really do appreciate it. :■■■■

Nero leaves more then registry entires. Look under C\Documents and Settings. Your gonna need to go into tools\folder options\view and show all hidden files and folders. Look under all users, default and your name.

Here are some alternatives: