Products to Completely Protect a Computer

Hey, I was wondering if you guys knew of any products that you can install on a Windows computer and will protect it from being infected by almost all malware. (And no, Linux doesn’t count ;))

The only two I know of are CIS and Online Armor.

If you guys know of any others I’d appreciate you letting me know. Also, the pros and cons for the product would be very useful.


If you use CIS, you don’t need any more products.

You could try SpyShelter. It also has a form of sandbox albeit not automatic and a very easy to use whitelisting capacity (from what I remember, I think there’s also a blacklist). With the comodo leaktest, it got a score of 310/340 alone. Coupled with Threatfire and custom rules, it’s almost impossible to intrude without getting detected. The only way I know how so far, is to disable protection from both. But that is nearly impossible if you protect them both with TF’s rules. After configuring TF and running the leaktest, the score was a perfect 340/340. Well, the first test was 480/340. Don’t ask me how the hell that happened. It just did.) The problem occurs with ThreatFire as it is said to consume much resources. The partial remedy is to register it to Security Center. I have no idea why that is so, but it did cure the 15 MB memory usage slashing it to 7 MB. There has also been a lack of development with the software.

There’s also Faronics Deep Freeze(shareware[?]) and Windows Steady State (freeware) although they’re useful if (1)there’s nothing else to change in your pc, (2)it’s not infected or at least, fast and responsive, (3)there’s no need to save anything, not even documents.

Or, if you want more control, there’s Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor (open-source), Anvir (free and paid version available) and WinPatrol (free and paid version also available). Spyware Terminator may count, but there has been reports of it being a resource hog and it offers an installation of a toolbar. You may opt not to install it in the browser, but it will stay in the system anyway. By experience, I have not encountered such difficulties with it, but the results for CLT is very inconsistent.

A good antivirus + firewall.
A second opinion scanner on demand.
A behavior blocker or a HIPS.
Safe surfing :slight_smile:

Uhm… no disrespect, but I think he was asking for specific products and their strengths and weaknesses. :-\

Sure. I just post types of products. I can assign names to them.

1st set: avast + Comodo Firewall and Defense+ + MBAM
2nd set: CIS (antivirus + firewall + Defense+) + MBAM
Browser: Firefox with NoScript (and even RequestPolicy), Chrome with NotScript, Opera.

Other alternative products (with some drawbacks in my opinion):
SuperAntispyware, ThreatFire, Prevx (free), WinPatrol, SpywareBlaster.

I don’t recommend: WOT, other antivirus/suites ;D

What I meant was for products for which no known malware can bypass, even if they are not very usable.

For example a product that blocks every new file from being run without my permission would technically make this list, but its con would be that it is very difficult to use.

Well… I think this application will be a HIPS.

What about some sort of anti-executable? Would that work as well?

I get tired of HIPS and anything like antiexecutables… sooner or later I’ll allow everything…
That’s why I use Comodo Time Machine and virtualization (VMWare) to test softwares.

Hm… if those are the sorts that you want, then I suppose the products of Proactive Patrol might interest you which include (1) DeterminationMX (freeware) with the following features:
· Online Database of threats on your computer that can be exploited.
· Free research of any unrecognized items that are found during a scan.
· Outputs a review log file for self-help posting or analysis by experts.
· Proactive detection and deletion of security exploits.
· Creates a system restore point before making any changes to your system.

(2) AntiEverything (commercialware $5.00) which features:
Launches at startup to provide continuous real time protection for your computer.
Deeply scans everything! Even where most other programs can’t or don’t!
Logs galore to help you track the history of protection and removal.
Autoscans keep your computer free of malware and malicious code.
Auto-update 12 Month subscription included in Full Version!
Windows System Restore point created just before deleting suspect files as a backup.
One click removal – making malware defense a breeze!
Files are safely quarantined just in case you need to recover them for any reason.
Quarantine permits you to see exactly where malicious files were previously located.

Here’s the link: is for sale | HugeDomains

(3) Trust-no-Exe may do the job, but i don’t think it works on windows vista up.
(4) EQSecure (see: Review EQSecure 3.3 | Wilders Security Forums )

(5) Comodo’s own Defense + (see: )

(6)ThreatFire also is available with an easy-to-use custom rules. Problem is, development has slowed to a pitiful crawl ever since Symantec got hold of it. I heard PCTool’s staff that were developing TF before all got fired and replaced. Dunno. As of now, it is just a rumor.

(7)or if you like, try Anti-Paranoia, my favorite. I use it all the time and it helps. It’s a useful Firefox extension which adds an entry (“I am afraid”) to the context and tools menus. When selected, anti-paranoia messages are displayed at random intervals.

The messages may be one of the following: “Stay calm.” “Everything is good.” “No one is against you.” “The world is a good place.” “Nobody is watching you.” “Everything will be much better soon.”

The interval between messages is between 200 and 400 seconds (3.33 minutes to 6.67 minutes). This may be why you don’t see anything happening. The message appears in the bottom, right corner of the browser window for a few seconds, then fades away. ;D kidding.

my choice is a combination of TF (blocks virtually everything) and SpyShelter (just in case I miss to include a rule, SpyShelter would probably spot it, alert me and suspend the process until I answer whether or not to allow it).

Another product being killed by Symantec :cry: :-TD

People, what about Prevx (free)?

I agree. :frowning:

Hm. But doesn’t that provide only detection with no real-time protection or removal of malware? I don’t think it’s gonna give full protection as the thread’s title suggest (see: ). It’s also a cloud av, and I have a wee bit of an issue with cloud av’s (see: ). I wouldn’t recommend it.

Hi Tech,

I personally would not believe a word that Software says
Not allowed here … sure together with Symantec :slight_smile:



Well… why don’t you use Comodo Time Machine then?

I don’t trust it yet. Did they fix the problem with uninstalling it and corrupting the MBR?

I’ll try it if they did, but the last time I tried it, when it was just getting out of Beta, it destroyed my computer.

Well… I’m running all betas and stable versions of last 4-5 months.
It corrupted my computer once. I’ve restored a full partition backup.
But now it seems to be running very well.
I’m running it on Win 7 and virtual machines with XP SP3.

Apart from those I can only think of Sandboxie.

Pros I never heard of something bypass it; it can be used by a child.
Cons ?

Well... why don't you use Comodo Time Machine then?
On the two of the machines have CTM. Chiron was just asking what products to completely protect a computer.