Problem with Updating Comodo AV Database

I have been unable to download new Comodo AV updates since the night of September 8th. The latest update I have is database version 25726. Mandhi has reported the same problem on the COMODO forums. We both are using version 7 of CIS on Windows 7 x64 computers. I am located in the USA and Mandhi is in Brazil. Is COMODO experiencing problems with the CAV update servers again? A similar problem occurred in August. As a workaround, I downloaded the complete antivirus database, knowing its updated approximately every 2 days. Unfortunately, the downloaded database is also at version 25726.

Please post here if you are also having problems with updating the COMODO AV. I’d appreciate it!!

Same here. I get an error on the definitions download when I try updating.

Same here ! Win 7 -32

So, why did you create another thread ?
The other one is current and just 2 threads below this !!! 4 threads below that is another one, the same.

I have the exact same issue.
Win 7 pro 64

First issue was was with Comodo Internet Security Premium of not recently installed version???
Then I chose to install product version Database version 25727.

Issue continued to exist.

Will Comodo address this please?

Hi Guys,
I also have the same issue, not to worry we are still protected.
I am confident that it will be fixed in the near future.

Kind regards.

So something strange went with v27528 & v27529. I think compilation process was failed.

I also get the msg. “cannot find signature files”. Is there a fix? I am running Win 10 64 bit.



Thanks for testimony! We look forward solution! Hugs


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Settled here!
Campinas - Brazil
Thank you!

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The problem is resolved here in Chicago as well. I succesfully updated CIS to CAV database version 25750. Whatever issues there were with COMODO’s CAV update servers have been corrected. Thanks!

Problem not solved in Denmark, Europe.

He made an update (25726 >> 25750) - 12/09 - 8:29:38 AM, then not updated more!

Mandhi and LarsHolst, I updated yesterday, September 12, at 6:38 am local time in Chicago, USA to CAV database 25750. However, I have not received any updates since then. According to COMODO’s Anti-Malware Database page, the latest database is 25754. I am not sure if COMODO has worked out all the problem with their CAV update servers. Will watch and see.

habe das selbe problem
10 tage läuft dieses problem, was ist los mit comodo?
mal geht es dann geht es zigmal nicht mit den updates

Having same issue with last antivirus database 25750 from 9/12/2016.

I usually get updates couple times each weekday but not lately.

My Comodo just updated actively requested by me @ UTC10:58.
Win 7 pro x64

Problem seem solved here.


Brazil - upgraded to 25767 too! Thank you.

It’s apparent that COMODO has experienced problems with its CAV update servers this past week. After downloading AV updates on September 8th, I was unable to download another AV updates until September 12th. Then, I was unable to download another AV update until earlier today, September 15th.

I trust COMODO is aware of this ongoing problem and is taking action to correct it. If this type problem persists, many users, including myself, will consider moving to alternative AV software.

Here it updated to 25767 earlier today and CIS says its up to date, however Comodo AV database site says the most current is 25770.

I submited a ticket on Comodo Support about this problem. If more people complain maybe they will fix this problem faster.