PrivDog AND Ghostery?

Also note: Help Support Ghostery by sending anonymous statistical data back to Ghostery

In Priv Dog, too, should be the option of choice. :wink:

You are a true poet Ubuysa!!!

Welldone, this is amazing and very entertaining!

Hi Seany007,
SanyaIV is waiting for PrivDog to be compatible with Opera Browser.

The information about Internet Explorer on the site is incorrect as PrivDog is not quite ready for Internet Explorer, sorry for any inconvenience.

do they mention that once you enable this feature they will sell your data to advertisers?

PrivDog continuously counting posted by ‘AvKyJJ’ sounds like a bug to me so I have split the discussion and move it to Bug Reports - PrivDog

Split topic found below.
PrivDog counting continuously on the posted site.

Sorry if this has inconvenienced anyone.

Hmm not that I know of, which in my opinion is a d**k move of them, however when something says it will collect my data (like the option in Ghostery) I always assume that it won’t stay there, whether they give it to someone else or sell it.

Indeed, however after going back to Google Chrome I kinda like it, mostly because of the extension “Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller” oh man it feels good scrolling.

However I do miss some things, like the built-in e-mail client and the feature that asks you when sites are trying to save cookies etc. Oh and Chrome is a great deal faster on showing sites and more sites actually work correctly!

I do realise this topic was created because PrivDog was originally released with Dragon, but considering the content of this topic I have now moved it to the Help - PrivDog section.

Comodo devs must develop a privdog add-on for Firefox. Maybe I just want Privdog only my Firefox or my dragon… and I think an add-on can reach lots of people ;D

it will be out very soon…

thanks Melih :-TU

2 Melih:

Here in comodo forum Disconnect and Ghostery found google analytics and block it, while PD didn’t detect anything ?
Block all Ad Networks in PD is turned on.
Can you clarify more on this ?

Try disabling Ghostery and then check again.

that wouldn’t make any difference because its app feature not conflicts between them !
But sure why not…disconnect + ghostery disabled, same thing !

I think it’s not getting anything because Adblock Plus is on.

I think ABP is not the case why PD is not blocking google analytics.
Maybe by PD google analytics is OK, so it doesn’t block it !
This is just a thought not a claim :slight_smile:

Hi Mark1

Seems we indeed missed something. I will check it more clearly this week.

Thank you for feedback.

happy to help :-TU

Hope, it will be fixed by next week start.

Hi Mark1.

We have updated our threat list, and now on comodo forums you will see positive blocked count. Please check it, and tell us if all is going right.