PrivDog AND Ghostery?

So, CD 27.2 contains PrivDog (excellent BTW). But I’m already running Ghostery. So…

Do I need Ghostery if I now have PrivDog? I assume (since it’s a Comodo product) that PrivDog is better than Ghostery?


ubuysa thank you for the topic.

I do not know. I have them both stand.
In Ghostery I can see what is blocked.
With PrivDog I do not understand what is blocked?

Why trust PrivDog if you do not see what is blocked.?
Only because it was included in Comodo Dragon?

Also wanted to hear the views.

Addition: I believe that the information and settings in Ghostery much better.

You only need PrivDog.

PrivDog protects you from more threats.

Ghostery is owned by a company called Evidon (

PrivDog is owned by me :slight_smile: Our DNA is about protecting our users. We are trying to protect our users from any and every privacy issue and Advertising is a threat vector that must be managed. Of course we have to do this without hurting the environment.

For any site that is trying to track you and mess around with your privacy your own Privacy Dog (PrivDog) will first Bark, then Bite…and to finish it off…■■■ on the site!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you Melih! Ghostery is now history. Hey I’m a poet!

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Can you write a poem about for PrivDog please…for sites that wants to invade your privacy but get caught by Privacy Dog and get peed on it :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you; the Ghostery’s “More Info”, “Options”/“Edit Block Options”, “Pause Blocking”, etc. are a must-have for every user or power user (and Ghostery is a much lighter extension than privdog also). I don’t agree at all with “security by obscurity” and “don’t worry I’ll make it all up for you”.
Imho Ghostery+Adblockplus are the best combination.

We always listen to our users.

whatever our users want goes into our products.


Hi siegfried,
In what way is Ghostery much lighter than PrivDog, are we talking CPU or memory?

The reason I ask is PrivDog is using no noticable CPU and a very small amount of memory on my systems, in fact about the quarter of memory of that used for ABP alone.

Thank you.

I just saw this Evidon Sells Ghostery Data to Advertisers

what do you think about this?


I have another question.

How do you think PrivDog for portable versions of browsers?
Will it be as an extension or directly embedded in the latest version browsers?

very good question. I do not know the answer i am afraid :frowning:

I will ask our dev team for their views though :slight_smile:

thank you


Thanks for the reply.

I will ask our dev team for their views...
Be sure to. Good luck to you Melih.

Sneaky tracker hiding deep,
Within the pages that I seek.
I’m browsing quietly unaware,
That the tracker is even there.

Where I go is what it tracks,
To bombard me with Ad attacks.
It’s steals my data, personal stuff,
And I have simply had enough!

But with PrivDog and my trusty Dragon,
The tracker’s dead and ads are long gone.
PrivDog’s bark and Dragon’s bite,
Keep me safe and sees me right.

So trackers, ads and cookies too.
There’s no more damage you can do.
For if you try to infect me,
PrivDog will upon you ■■■!

Well done ubuysa. (:CLP)

It’s just wrong and misleading. The app claim to do one thing while it does another. :-TD

Which is why I disabled such options in the settings, anyone who really cares should always look for such “features” in the option otherwise you didn’t do your part.

I saw that. Me too. But I think it is enabled by default? Once again many ppl won’t know this. So the data is used without their knowledge/consent. It’s wrong and misleading. Yes you need to Q such apps but not all ppl do.

Also note: Help Support Ghostery by sending anonymous statistical data back to Ghostery HQ. As if LOL!

Indeed I think it is enabled by default however when you install Ghostery it will open the initial settings set-up and if you go through it (which it is made for) then you should see that option. I don’t think it’s misleading as the option says what it is doing, however if it’s wrong or not can be debated, personally I don’t label things right or wrong since there are no actual guidelines for these, just personal opinions.

The data can still be anonymous, statistics doesn’t need to be personally identifiable. :wink:

Edit: Either way we have PrivDog now ;D (although not for all browsers sadly)

Fair point.

“PrivDog can install protection for the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on Windows systems.”

You mean other browsers apart from these?