Privdog ads messup

If you go to, you can see that the ads take up a good portion of the upper part of the page, which make me have to scroll down to get what I need.

Here are some images of the problem:

Without privdog enabled:

If this is how privdog works, this needs to be fixed as the ad placement is unacceptable!

Note: I am using the latest Privdog on Firefox 26.

YES…totally agreed and this reason why I leave the PD :-TD Some web sites I know they do not use ads on their sites…When I enter the website with PD enabled… I see some ads from AT-M Ad… Why the PD want to place these ads on the websites which do not use ads !!!

and lets be devil >:-D Maybe we click the AT-M Ads , Comodo gets money from the ads to give PrivDog FREE!! ??? 88)

Thats why I use the option block all ads instead of the default deliver trusted ads.

I now block all ads myself. I like the anti-tracking side of PrivDog, but I’ve noticed that some of the ads it pushes out are not as trustworthy as the company name would have us believe. Also, although I reported them two weeks ago some are still showing up.

Hence, I now block ads, and would advise others to do the same.

ads are ads. No one want to see ads…

Everyone blocking all ads will harm the eco system and effects will show in the future, our children will possibly have to pay for every site they visit.

We will all eventually benefit in the future from issues reported, so thank you to ‘Netguy101’ and anyone else taking the time to report issues.

PrivDog will grow with age.


Thanks for all of your replies to this topic.

While I don’t agree with Privdog placing ads on sites that don’t show ads, such as, I think that these ads are another way for Comodo to provide all of the great free products they offer. Although a large amount of Privdog ads are IMO “Irrelevant ads”, someone may find these ads relevant and actually click on them. I wish Comodo would provide the option to block a specific ad or ad-network, because it would allow for more interactive ad control. I do support online advertising (To an extent) because it can help site owners profit and companies profit from people buying their product or service. I don’t agree with video ads (Ads that play before/after a video) or popup/flash ads because they are intrusive and some are just annoying.

I hope that in the future Privdog will be more informative and serve better placed ads to the user because some seem to think that Privdog is adware (it technically is, but good adware :)) and don’t use it. Maybe a quick popup tutorial on privdog to explain “trusted ads” and what Privdog is actually doing?


Happy New Year Guys and Thanks for this: Screenshot by Lightshot

Web must be an open place. Our children do not have to pay for the visitin’ websites… :-TD We already paid for the net…

Our issue is “ad replacement” via PD…

Hi all. Thank you for reporting such cases, it is rear but possible problem. I will put it in workflow for our devs and hope solution will be deployed in next few days.

Hi yigido,
I agree entirely, but if some form of advertising was not present numerous website owners would no longer be able to afford and supply the content for free.
I don’t want to see this happen and that is why I support PrivDog.
Safe, sanitized, unobtrusive advertising will benefit everyone now and in the future in a much more productive way than total blocking or open slather.
We can all help PrivDog achieve this, but it does need our help.


Can you answer this Question captainsticks ? I really wonder about it ?

By using PrivDog, we have already achieved a safer more private environment in preference to allowing just anyone deliver ad content.

If we all continue to report issues and to post ideas for improvement of PD in line with our personal requirements, this will help PD evolve into a program that behaves as it should with the users requirements also fulfilled.

Other than that I am not sure what is being asked.


we click the AT-M Ads , Comodo gets money from these ads ??

AdtrustMedia does receive revenue for ads delivered by ATM, the same goes for any advertising agency.
How this revenue is generated or calculated I have no idea sorry, I will leave that for Staff to reply if they see fit to do so.


Agreed, and this is why I originally supported it. However, am I the only one to have noticed that some of these do not link to the ost trustworthy sites. I have contacted oyaremchuk about it, and replied to this post, but some of the ads are still delivered.

We deployed solution today, so now it should be fine.

Just saw the change, Thank You!