PrivDog & AdBlock

Do I need to use AdBlock, if I am using PrivDog? It seems redundant.

Good Question

I have adblock on, then I turn if off.

I guess I will hand that question to admins or whoever.


Thanks Nige, that seems to be my gut feel, so I’ll do likewise.

You shouldn’t need AdBlock if you are using PrivDog, you can choose whether you want to get only trusted ads or if you don’t want to get any ads at all.

Thanks for your confirmation ; right now I’ll leave AdBlock disabled and give PrivDog ‘a run for its money’.

PrivDog does not seem to block as many ads as Adblock, even with PrivDog set to block all ads. Visit with Adblock on and there are no ads, not even popup windows. With only PrivDog you still see some of the ads and get the popup windows (again, even with the block all ads setting on).

I’m keeping them both for now.


As I understand it, that’s how PrivDog is supposed to work. It’s not supposed to block everything. Doing so would defeat it’s purpose in my opinion.

On my system

I have Privdog running; Disconnect running; and Adblock without the + running.

And my system feels OK

No Slow down on my laptop. I’m not using my main machine until I can get 27.2 again.

So are you seeing the ads provided by PrivDog, or locally hosted ads on the website? Since locally hosted ads are under the direct control of the site owner, these are usually safe and PrivDog will allow them.

If PrivDog isn’t blocking popup windows, I think it should. (Note that I’m not using PrivDog, so I don’t know whether or not it is supposed to block popups. I’m just saying that if it does not, that is a feature that should be added…)

Please report to us which ads are not blocked and our team will add that to detection immediately.

thank you!

There is really couple of ads that we can remove for you. If you will find any other site with same problem - please tell us.

Thank you for feedback.

It does not and +1

If you will find any popup not blocked, please give it to us for investigation.

I’ve got one that I know of but it’s… well… I’ll just PM the site to you…

Well, PrivDog appears to correctly blocks all ads on the web sites I visit the most. I am using “Bolck All Ad Networks” in PrivDog’s Options. I’m still running with AdBlock disabled and things seem to be OK.

Received. We will try to work with it.

Thank you.

Yeah I have the same as you GCG1000 with the Block all Ad Networks but I still have Adblock without the + and I have easylist with easyprivacy active and I have Disconnect running and my system still feels light to run on CD 27.2 with my laptop

I may have to much running but I can only test out by removing one of the easylists or turning off Adblock

I’ve just updated my system and turned of Adblock and my system even feels lighter again.

And the webpage speed is fast.

So I’m happy now I will delete adblock since I only disabled it.



Thanks Nige for your response. If I can reduce my add-ons by one (i.e. AdBlock in this case) and still get the same functionality from CD, then that’s progress.


I have to agree with Nige_39, I have disabled ABP and replaced it with PrivDog and the page loading response has a more snappy feel to it.
Oops, sorry about the pun.

PrivDog is also using about 1 quarter of the system memory to that of ABP, admittedly neither is high.

On the site there are several ads that Adblock blocks and which PrivDog doesn’t (even with the “Block all ad Networks” option set). On this site with Adblock disabled and only PrivDog enabled…

Top left there is a “Play Now / Download” add with a target URL of Loading

Top right there is a BT Guard ad with a URL of, this opens a popup new window as soon as you click it.

Just below that there is a Flash add with a URL of

At the bottom there is a Download add with a URL of

If you search for content and then left or right click on a torrent file a popup new window opens with a URL of

Adblock block all those adds and popup windows. This is just one site that I picked because I knew it was ad heavy. I will admit that I have struggled to find other sites that still display ads, though displays a background add with a URL of Gillette - YouTube that Adblock blocks and PrivDog doesn’t.

Personally I don’t want to see any ads and Adblock gives me that. PrivDog doesn’t quite, at least not yet. :wink: