PrivDog & AdBlock

Your Quite Welcome GCG1000 glad to give some assitance :slight_smile: :-TU

Yeah it sure does feel snappy and it’s OK pun. it just makes the people who are fixing Privdog put a smile on there face.

The only ad-ons I have running in CD 27.2 is:

HTTPS Everywhere
Comodo Web Inspector

I’m keeping Disconnect running due to it having this: Check out the link. FAQ | Help

Also Another Reason why I’m keeping it works in harmony with Privdog. :slight_smile:

Hi ubuysa

I’ve checked this site and indeed found several new ads for us to block. However there is still be some of ads from website owner, which we will not block, cause it may violate work of some other pages or sites, and for us it will be unacceptable, while we try to give best user experience.

Cause i think, none of us will be glad to see that half of site static images (not ads) be broken or blocked.

But anyway, thank you for feedback. We will add new threats as fast as we can.

FWIW, you can add Apps for Windows - CNET Download to the list.

Cheers, and thanks for PrivDog.

Excellent! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Try to check it right now, and there will be much less of non-supported ads.

this was fast!! welldone guys…you are taking our users privacy very seriously…welldone!!

Hi Nige-

I’ve added Disconnect to CD and you’re right it behaves well with PrivDog. Thanks for the idea.



Your Welcome, glad to give advise out.



That was fast! That’s much better now. Thanks again.

For the future how would you prefer we report sites with ads that PrivDog doesn’t block?

Now, you could post it in topic and we will try to check it asap:

For some reason there are more ads on with PrivDog enabled than disabled. I use a customized version of MVPS Hosts, and DNS Client Service is set to manual startup.

[attachment deleted by admin]

PrivDog will place ads where the webpage already had ads. Your first screenshot shows empty spots where ads were obviously supposed to be, but if you’re using MVPS, it’s likely blocking these ads. PrivDog is putting its sanitized replacements where the original ads were supposed to be.

Also, just to be clear…we are putting them on your computer…when you pulled all the files to your computer…we don’t mess with their websites per se…

I don’t think that’s entirely correct. I am not seeing replacement ads for the ones that were blocked. I am using no other form of blocking or filtering.

OK, I misunderstood the purpose of PrivDog. I don’t want to see any ads, so I will keep it disabled. Thank you for the explanation, HeffeD.

PS: I neglected to mention I also use Spybot’s extensive hosts file (15K+ items), so I almost never see ads anywhere.

Do you have the setting enabled for PrivDog to offer sanitized ads? Because if you do and you aren’t seeing replacements, then it’s not working properly for you.

There is an option to not show these replacement ads.

I only see replacement ads on some websites.