PrivDog 3.108.0 is now released.

Hi All

PrivDog is now available for download.

This new version addresses issues with keys; keys sizes have been increased to 2048 to comply with a higher standard and improve browser compatibility.

Existing users will be upgraded automatically or users can download the update. As always we recommend all users update to the latest version.

In the next few days we’ll release version 3.1 with additional features allow users to disabled the HTTPS inspection if they choose to do so. We are also implementing an HTTPS Threat Vector list that will automatically bypass HTTPS inspection for the vast majority of safe web sites.

The PrivDog Team.

PrivDog Security Advisory (Threat level: LOW)
Update, 2/23/2015 14:51 EST: PrivDog has been released with a fix to address the security issue found in the third party library. The update is available from the home page. An automatic update of the effected users is commencing presently.

This issue is fixed?


In the next few days we’ll release version 3.1 with additional features allow users to disabled the HTTPS inspection if they choose to do so.

Would be best to have a checkbox during installation.

I get this message

You don’t have permission to access /downloads/661/PrivDogSetup_3.0.108.0.exe on this server.]

I can’t download it…

Can you please try again as I downloaded it successfully.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Works fine here…

I tried it again and now works fine… Thanks… :-TU

What happen to the Chrome addon?

Chrome came out with an update that blocked extensions installed from other places than the Chrome Web Store, so the chromium extension was a dead end if they didn’t go through the web store, and it seems like they had issues getting onto there since they don’t simply block ads but also replaces them, seems to have been enough for Google to not allow it(?)

At least that’s what I think went down.


Eset on my system blocks it as adware.
VT shows no detection.

I compared it with adblock plus & ublock.
It blocks way less than those.

I tried it coz there are not many adblockers for IE.
Vey few are there & didn’t like them. Currently use adblock plus & its fine.

Why it blocks ads way less than other softwares?
It doesn’t use all those easy list, easy privacy, etc… used by adblock plus & ublock?

Went to & all those nasty pills, dating, etc… ads appeared.
Other block all those nasty ads.

And I got a window during browsing something certificate is signed but something it mentioned dont remember now.
I was testing it under shadow defender.

i dont think you understand how privdog is supposed to work. its not a traditional ad blocker

OK, then its not for me.

When will update the cnet the privdog?
I’m waiting 3 weeks…
What happen?

The link isn’t working it 404s.

Hi cheater87,
The download link from the following page works.
PrivDog version 4.0.27-download.cnet

Kind regards.

Is this still being developed & recommended…as now new adSanitizer is there…?

Hi yessnooo,
Back around May this year after the release of adSanitizer I was informed that PrivDog is still being developed, I haven’t heard any different.
PrivDog is still available as a separate download and works with most browsers, where as adSanitizer is only included with Dragon/Chromodo.

Kind regards.

So is PrivDog still Comodo product?

AdTrust Media product. :wink: