PrivDog Alpha for download

Hi All,

We’d like to announce the release of PrivDog Alpha for alpha testing.
The alpha is available for download from the following link:

Note: Only run this alpha on testing systems and not production systems.

Below is the report page for the above file:

We look forward to hearing your feedback so you can help form the final product we’ll all be using and improve its quality.

Issues fixed in this version:


I am running SRWare Iron version 37.0.2000.0 on Windows 7 x64.

I have found that with PrivDog enabled videos here do not load:

With this new version I am also not noticing any improvement in the issue which I reported here:

Congrats with the release Shane. I will be testing it against Opera 12.17. :slight_smile:

good job guys!

Thanks for the new release i really like the direction privdog is going :-TU

The youtube problem i was having with the previous build is fixed but im having another problem with youtube. The comments never load, it just says loading with a spinning wheel. I noticed this behavior in both firefox 32.0.3 and IE 11.0.12 on win 7 x64

Can the space thats left over after removing ads be removed like other ad blockers? Its unappealing to have just blank white space


EDIT: Disregard the bug report, 3rd party widgets has to be enabled in the settings for youtube comments to work properly

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Hi Chiron,

We started this issue today. Expect a fix very soon.


Hi wasgij6,

This was actually done by design to leave the web page content as intact as possible.

I’ll look into this potential.


Thanks Eric. If you find any issues Razvan will fix them as a priority.


Privdog works on the old Opera (12.17) as well as the Chromium based version.

I have some observations about PD on two of my systems.
Desktop: AMD Phenom II 925 quad core with 4 GB of RAM running Windows 8.1 update 1 x64 with CIS 8 beta
Netbook: Intel Atom with 945 chipset, 2 GB of RAM running Windows 8.1 update 1 x86 with CIS 7.

On the netbook the PD Control Panel reports that there is a 64 bits version of Opera 12.17 is installed. This of course should be a 32 bits version.

A bigger problem is that WMI Provider Host is constantly running. On the netbook it uses anything between 50 and 99% of the CPU. This drains the battery and makes the system responding slowly. I uninstalled Privdog from my netbook.

This is less of a problem on the desktop computer. Here WMI Provider Host uses anything between 5 and 10 % of the CPU with Opera not running. With Opera running it uses anything between 5 and 20% of the CPU.

Let me know if you need any additional information to analyse the WMI Provider Host getting upset.

Both system have the following security and (relevant) utility software installed:
Hitman Pro (on demand only)
Malwarebytes Antimalware Free (on demand only)
Super Antispyware Free (on demand only)
TDSS Killer
Process Hacker
Process Explorer (Sysinternals)

Thanks Eric,

We’re working hard to get this alpha to production level code.

Razvan will investigate this and will probably ask you for more info.


Thanks Shane. I am happy to help Comodo when requested. :slight_smile:

I found a bug. PD does not filter ads on youtube on Opera 12.17 x64. It does not show it’s icon there nor does it filter ads.

The PD icon also does not show in gmail. I assume it does not filter in gmail either (I have a gmail account but I don’t use it).

PD does filter youtube and gmail in Firefox and Opera 24. I am on Windows 8.1.1 x64.

Hi EricJH!
Thank you for the feeddback!

Privdog OK for Opera 24.

However while I was not using Privdog I was using µBlock

  1. So when I loaded a page to see if Privdog was working, it seem to kill µBlock extension.

  2. So when I looked at Extensions under Opera 24 it showed µBlock and it showed Reload. so I press reload then it work OK.

  3. So looked at a webpage and it was showing this > Capture 1

  4. I went into Privdog Control Panel and Disabled it for Opera, then I checked the same web page and it shows this Capture 2

So I will hang fire for now until Privdog is fully out



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I incidentally see pages not loading not properly with Opera 12.17 x64. It does not reproduce and I have no idea what could be triggering it.

It is strange that EricJH, That it happens for you on Opera 12.17, and I was using Opera 24 stable as in pages not loading correctly.

Everything went OK, once I disabled Privdog for Opera Only, I left everything else, Then everything worked the way it should.

Also what I did not say, in this post nor my last one. I tried it out on my PC, and not via VM or anything else similar.


Hi Guys,

This is a non-browser specific issue. The team has fixed it.

We’ll give a new version in the next few days.


Thanks for the feedback Shane


I’m running right now and it’s fixed in that version.

PM me if you want to test this version.