PrivDog is now released.

Hello All,

We are very pleased to announce the release of PrivDog 3.0.

Here’s the direct link to the setup:

The setup has gone through virus total and is verified clean from all malware and viruses:

PrivDog version 3 now supports the vast majority of the current popular browsers using a universal protection system. You can once again protect your Chrome browser.

Browser support includes:
Comodo Dragon
Comodo Ice Dragon
Comodo Chromium Secure
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Netscape Navigator
Pale Moon
QtWeb Internet Browser
Rambler Browser
SRWare Iron
TheWorld Browser
Yandex Browser


The PrivDog Team.

Does my browser need the PrivDog extension?
This is a major update. Can you please give me more details about news in this release and fixes?
Thanks :-TU

v3 runs independent from your browser so there is no longer a need for an extension.

Congrats on the release

Thanks for the reply, I will test :-TU

Why can’t we change the location of the installation?

Thanks for the new release. :-TU

Congratulations with the release.

Could you add Otter browser to the list of supported browsers? It’s a project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5.

Unfortunately the problem with upsetting WMIPrvSE.exe has returned. :-\ It forced me to return to v3.0.0.75 on my netbook. On my netbook it uses easily up to 50% of CPU cycles with incidental peaks as high as 72%. It runs on Intel Atom CPU with Intel 945 chipset on Windows 8.1 x86. On my desktop computer it uses between 8-15% of CPU cycles. It runs Windows 8.1 x64 on a quad core AMD Phenom II 925. I will return to on my desktop also.

It is not supporting filtering on https pages yet. Is there an ETA for this?

In a time where more and more websites are going over to https and where we strive to transfer the web over to https, Comodo still has two products (Web Filter & PrivDog) that only work with http?! I’m sorry but what? Not filtering https sites is essentially rendering the protections useless, what’s more surprising is that they went from extensions that supported http and https to an external application that only supports http? Sure it now works with never versions of Chrome but it is still a giant step back regardless.

I believe https filtering should be the main priority; if it turns out that it’s impossible to support, then you’ve got a giant problem because that renders your software irrelevant.

I see that Comodo is continuing on the course of releasing their products as finished releases before they could be considered that, mainly the lack of https filtering is the reason why I say that, I don’t believe PrivDog can ever be considered complete until it filters https pages.

Comodo, you need to figure out HTTPS filtering for your products, otherwise they soon won’t hold any relevance, honestly it doesn’t have any relevance today with the amount of sites using https but its usage will only increase in the future. Personally I believe that https filtering should have been one of the first things you looked into when developing this application, what if you’ve done all this work and then come to the conclusion that you simply can’t filter https sites as an external application? Hopefully you’ll figure it out but it’s just surprising if not baffling to see that such an important part is missing from a “final” release.

great work guys!

The download speed is very slow and broken. please add the other download link :wink:

Hi EricJH !
Thank you for the feedback :-TU
We have a ticket for Otter browser.

regarding your https bug. Could you please add the details? thank you!

about CPU problem. We will check again. thank you for the detailed review. The feedback will be very helpful in improving our product (CLY).

Hi yigido!
you can use PrivDog plugin and last release version.
you can switch from the extension mode to driver mode. Just disable the extension (in the browser). Reopen the browser. The driver will automatically detect it. If you want to go back to the plug-in you need to enable it and reopen the browser.

thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Great thanks :-TU

I have a question. Will you continue to develop extension of PrivDog?

Hi Sanya,

The product does have HTTPS filtering. This was number one on my list of essential features for the product.

Which browser and OS are you using?

Could you give your system a reboot to ensure all browser processes have been restarted to allow PrivDog to filter the HTTPS traffic properly?


Hi Eric,

HTTPS filtering is complicated because the traffic is encrypted within a fully authenticated PKI system. We do have it, a restart should solve this for you.

Could you PM me your email address and I’ll work directly with you to support your Opera and resolve the other issues?


Comodo Dragon (latest public release) and Windows 10 Technical Preview, but it seems my issues were with an extension Referer Control - Chrome Web Store ← if I have that enabled and set up to block 3rd parties it breaks PrivDog on many sites, prohibiting it from removing ads.

Another thing I noticed is that you seem to be able to support HTTPS sites by replacing the certificate that sites use as can be seen from the screenshot below of Google Chrome. I am personally 100% against such modifications and I’m now permanently uninstalling PrivDog.

Edit: Screenshot attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

We may continue the Firefox plugin.

Thank yo. :slight_smile:

regarding your https bug. Could you please add the details? thank you!

about CPU problem. We will check again. thank you for the detailed review. The feedback will be very helpful in improving our product (CLY).

You are right the https issue is an Opera 12.17 issue. I sent you a pm.

I’ve been testing out PrivDog on Opera 26.0.1656.60 and it works quite well, However at first it seemed to struggle, but after 2 to 3 Browser refreshers it started to work just fine.

However for Internet Explorer 11 PrivDog does not work, please look at Capture.

As for the Capture, I tried lots of sites and non of them work.

So I went into Privdog Control Panel and went to Preferences/Choose browser to protect and I disabled Internet Explorer, by clicking it until it said Not Detected in Red

Now look at Capture 2, where you things working as normal

Hope this helps

Regards for 2015 to everyone


[attachment deleted by admin]

See post 15 above, PrivDog replaces the certificate for sites and essentially only Comodo browsers trusts the CA that PrivDog uses. Questionable method to say the least, already resulted in several sites using EV certs to show lesser certs.