PrivDog Released.

PrivDog is now released and can be downloaded from

For existing users your browsers will automatically update on the browsers internal update schedule. You can manually update in both FF and Chrome if you choose from the browser’s ad on/settings panels.

New Update product version to 1.6.0.X
New Threat details can now been seen in the pop-up
New Added “Do not track” mode to send DNR header for requests.
New Improved browser integration with 3rd Party Cookie Blocking
Fixed defect where: Opening a page in new window the counter resets in first window [Firefox]
Fixed defect where: Counter not shown after re-enable plugin [Chrome]
Fixed defect where: The data in the pop-up is wrong if I use the button “back” [Chrome]
Fixed defect where: Change text in pop-up if threats and cookies are allowed but not found [Chrome]
Fixed defect where: Trackers’ instead of the category name or cookie is written when blocked from pop-up [Firefox]
Fixed defect where: The plugin does not load all the threats in the first start [Firefox]
Fixed defect where: The counter is reset after placing the cursor over the button of social network [Firefox]
Fixed defect where: The plugin does not work and the counter does not count [Firefox]
Fixed defect where: If “back” is clicked, the counter shows -1 [Chrome]
Fixed defect where: Error message " Uncaught ReferenceError: JSON is not defined" [Chrome]
Fixed defect where: PrivDog button is absent in the second browser window [Firefox]
Fixed defect where: Counter is not reset when opening a new tab [Firefox]



Love the new details! :-TU

Yeah I do like the new block 3rd party cookies.

Plus it’s a real good change log.

Thanks 4 this cool update.

thanks :-TU :love:

Thank you for this! You’re the best! :rocks:

Great work guys!

We are here to protect our user’s privacy, make their surfing safer and FASTER!!

With every release we will be achieving that and more…


Thanks for the update!

Just wondering are there any plans to ever bring privdog to the Chrome webstore or firefox addons page?



on update process, exceptions list in privdog is initialized. :cry:

I have “Do Not Track” on in Dragon’s Settings.

Is this going to be a conflict with PrivDog’s new “Do Not Track”?

If I should use only one, which would be better?

your experience will answer this ?

True, but my initial thought was having two “Do Not Track” settings on is redundant and was looking for a little feedback.

if you ask to me
I am using PrivDog and Disconnect both :-TU and there is no problem or any crash

You have to ask Chiron, He is the person who will check and let us know.

But for me I only got the Do Not Track active in Privdog. and not set within Comodo Dragon on my Main Machine.

You can test whether Do Not Track is working or not here: Do Not Track & Global Privacy Control - BrowserLeaks

  • PrivDog DNT Enabled | CD DNT Disabled
    [li]DNT = Enabled

  • navigator.doNotTrack = Disabled

  • navigator.msDoNotTrack = Disabled

  • PrivDog DNT Disabled | CD DNT Enabled
    [li]DNT = Enabled

  • navigator.doNotTrack = Enabled

  • navigator.msDoNotTrack = Disabled

  • PrivDog DNT Enabled | CD DNT Enabled
    [li]DNT = Enabled

  • navigator.doNotTrack = Enabled

  • navigator.msDoNotTrack = Disabled

So if you have DNT enabled in Comodo Dragon it doesn’t seem to do anything if you enabled it in PrivDog, however if you only enable it in PrivDog then that one “navigator.doNotTrack” won’t work.

But then again, how many websites even give a ■■■■ about the DNT request? More valuable to have active blocking too, which PrivDog has.

You couldn’t look at tests on this page?
After your post I had doubts with PriveDog and other expansions too. ???
As CD uses in a private mode (Also) with other additions.
If CD uses in a private mode, work only PrivDog. Other expansions blocks too.
But in the tests it is visible only with PD.

And CID with other additions now also a doubt.

Thank you for the reply’s on my question regarding the new “Do not track” in Privdog.

Based on the reply’s, I’ve decided to use the “Do not track” setting in CD as it will be active while using incognito mode. As well as the added navigator.doNotTrack.

The “Realtime 3rd party cookie blocking” setting in PrivDog enforces the setting in CD and works while using incognito mode.

If the “Do Not Track” setting in PrivDog enforced the setting in CD, it would also be active while using incognito mode.

Thanks again :wink:

Actually I can’t :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty much all Microsoft sites are broken for me, I can’t even load some of them… funny it’s only for Microsoft websites. 88)

Does this install on it’s own or is there a special way. I still have 1.5 on mine.