PrivDog released.

PrivDog is now available.

PrivDog has been made available as an automatic update.

Existing installations will automatically update.

Change Log:
New Update product version to 1.5.0.X
New Improved performace by switching all configuraitons files from XML to JSON.
New Improved performance by reducing all config file tag names to 1 character.
Fixed: [Chrome] Counter counts up and does not stop
Fixed: [Chrome] Plugin does not work after update with open browser
Fixed: Not all ads are closed when select ‘Close all ads…’
Fixed: If I close ATM-Ad - the original advertisement is not visible
Fixed: Chrome uses the wrong configuration
Fixed: The data in popups reset if I move to another tab
Fixed: The counter sums up all the threats in popup after refreshing the page again FF
Fixed: error message at pop-up
Fixed: Mode is set wrong after AutoUpdate
Fixed: After installing the plug-in counter remains at zero when I move on the links
Fixed: The updated version does not work
Fixed: The configuration file does not correspond to the current file on the server
Fixed: Update in silent mode uses the GUI
Fixed: The plugin does not block all the Widgets
Fixed: FF does not allow the change the mode from replace to block
Fixed: Ice Dragon saves the old settings during installation
Fixed: Old ATM ad after keyword changed
Fixed: Empty (grey) pop-up if we launch FF(IceDragon) in first time
Fixed: Wrong text in the pop-up menu if we Install in block mode
Fixed: 3rd party widgets not blocked.
Fixed: The counter of threats in pop-up resets after I selected the page with movies
Fixed: Firefox has strange count, goes up then down.

The setup has not been updated due to an issue with the build, however, users that install the current version at will get the update after installation. This setup was also the cause of the delay in the release post, we were unable to fix the defect in time for setup release.

My personal apologies to users who were confused by the update. I tried to get the setup fixed quickly which is why I delayed this announcement. I didn’t postpone the auto update as I wanted to to get the latest improved version to you all as soon as possible.


thanks for update :-TU and already I am updated ;D

Thanks for the update. :-TU

Thank you! :slight_smile:

A Big Thank you from me also.

At last I can watch My Programmers on this site > < without any drive by ads and full page ads taking over.

So now with this Great Privdog I can breathe happily

Thanks to oyaremchuk and Devs + others behind the scenes



Thank you Shane for announcing the latest release, is very much appreciated, and a big well done to you and all the developers on a wonderful job, PrivDog is awesome and works perfectly, thanks again ;D

Congrats with the release Shane.

Where can I see what version is installed on my browser? I can’t find it. If it is not there then I wish to have the ability to check the version number.

You can check add-on in Firefox and
tool> extensions for Chrome ? İts version number next to it :-TU

Thx. I could have figured that out of myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hardly use any other browsers than Opera… :wink:

Opera good choice :smiley:

How soon can we expect the IE version?

Hi Dch48,
This version installs an add-on for IE. :slight_smile:

Really? I’ll have to get the download then.


This version installs an add-on for IE

It has on both of my systems. ???

[attachment deleted by admin]

Strange. ???
I put 2 times. Nothing. ???
I’ll be watching. There’s no even the in a lists of IE?

Sorry I not to sure what has happened. :frowning:
I will try to find out more.

captainsticks OK.
That’s interesting. ??? How should upgrade to 1.5?
If it is not in IE.
Will wait for more info.

[attachment deleted by admin]


I have the same issue as you. I don’t have Privdog for IE. In fact I have IE 10 and when I got to website of and press download it takes me to cnet and when you download it. it says before installing Privdog Installs on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Comodo Dragon and Comodo IceDragon.

So I run the whole install and Re opened up IE 10 and look under Manage Add-ons Privdog is not shown.

So Maybe it works with IE 9 only since captainsticks was able to use it ?

Hope this help



Edit: I added 1 word I missed out.


Thanks for check.
I think that captainsticks have the secret. (joke). :wink:
And he will share with us. :slight_smile: