Poll: Version 2.3 or 2.4?

A poll to see how happy or pleased people are with the new version of Comodo Firewall Pro (CPFv.2.4) compared to the old CPF 2.3 version. Judge them by stability, protection, features and PC resource usage and choose which you prefer. Voters may change their vote.

I’m still using version 2.3.

I’ve read about the problems people seem to have with version 2.4, but no such problems on my system.

Never been happier with a firewall.

My vote definitely goes for version 2.4


Interesting poll. I voted 2.4 despite the issue with high CPU usage and Monitor DLL Injections on. It’s present on both versions, but 2.4 does feel overall more stable performance-wise. It’s also more secure. Features such as the Close button and listening ports have been removed in the Connections window for 2.4, but I don’t mind for the time being because they will return in the next version.

Definetly 2.4
I don’t have any CPU problems either…

I voted 2.4

Working just fine here, and the firewall is better then ever! No problem at all here.

No CPU-problems here.

Works fine here.

Only incompatibilities with Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Also working just fine and no CPU usage issue here.

My opinion is stay with version 2.3 for now till the dust from this last update settles. (:NRD)

Go for v2.4

Finally! after a week of trying and failing to update CPF, the update completed today. I have confirmed for myself that the connections tab no longer shows the ports being watched and allow me to close them should I choose, and my CPU usage has been jumping up and down from 10-20-50% constantly while running utorrent and other programs. Guess my friends were right about their feedback. When using the old 2.3 version cpu usage would go no higher than 20% while running utorrent and it wasn’t as erratic as it is now with 2.4. RAM usage remains the same though which is quite nice. Protection seems to be the same as well.

Seeing as how CFP 2.4 doesn’t really do anything better than CPF 2.3 in my PC. The added CPU usage and the loss of some features mainly the ability to see and close ports in the connections tab are a definite drawback for me. My vote will have to go to CPF v.2.3.

CPF 2.3 appears to do almost everything 2.4 does but at less drain on the CPU. I’m no expert so I can’t be sure what other things 2.4 does in the background over 2.3. I’m gonna try it out for a few weeks and see if I will be reverting back to 2.3 afterwards.

Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4 here.


The only problem I had was with the update. Initially the update would not complete but as soon as I disabled CAVS on-access scanner the update only took a minute or so. May have been coincidence but I found the same thing on two different computers.

2.4 is excellent, no problems after installation - everything running smoothly and co-exisiting nicely with the latest CAVS beta. I think we may have a winning combination…


Sorry, I went with 2.3. I have never had any issues with CFP since July when I began using it, now every time the 2.4 update gets installed, BSOD…

I’ll just wait for a fix, then I can dive into 2.4.


as the BSOD problem seems to come up quite often, I’m starting to wonder if this problem occurs with same settings of software running in the background.

I have 2.4 installed on all systems in the network and not experienced this problem a single time…

Harry (:KWL)

I love 2.4! Sure, the RAM usage is a little higher than id like, but my PC is a FORTRESS with CPF 2.4 installed! Tbh im just waiting for CAVS to reach the same standard! Then ill be over there like a shot!



CPF Pro v2.4 is best. I am having no issues with this latest release.

Conclusion: Comodo Personal Firewall Pro v2.4 is the finest software firewall available at any cost!

Furthermore: It’s FREE and it just doesn’t get any better than that!


I voted 2.3 because too many people reporting too many significant problems. 2.4 is a downgrade from 2.3 in some features, and the 2.4 tray icon doesn’t work correctly has many people are reporting it conflicts with various programs and all quicktray icon managers. Trayman from PC Mag Utilities included which is the one I use.

So 2.3 for me.

Gary Britt

Hi gary, actually the update files are having trouble. I did resolve my issue as well and all is good. I simply downloaded the file right from the site, not update and first uninstalled cpf 2.3 then installed 2.4. making sure I ended the ctfmon.exe process at very instance of 2.4 install, all works great. Check it out here…




Its been a few days now since I’ve upgraded to v.2.4, and I have noticed some degree of slow down in my utorrent downloads. I was getting an average of 6 kB/s while using 2.3 but with 2.4 it rarely breaks 3 kB/s. I’m not sure if it has something to do with CFP since I haven’t changed any of the settings since the upgrade.

I’ve not noticed any problems while using 2.4 (my utorrent activities don’t seem to be affected either).
I’ve just noticed that Ashampoo are offering a free Firewall how does this compare? and is all this generosity spreading throughout the software world?