POLL: Is CPF 3 BETA Currenty Stable?[CLOSED]

Is CPF 3 BetaCurrently Stable?

i am using CFP 2.4.

and whats the latest?

Greetings, is the current version.
And you ask if it’s stable.
I can’t really answer that, as it’s different for people.
Some get BSoD, some minor bugs, and some none at all.
So I’d say you shoulld be aware that it might lead to serious system damage.
But it’s indeed more stable than it’s former BETAs.


Yep, I’m in last category. Flawless on XP32 SP2, no AV or anti-malware installed though.
I must admit that I was reluctant from changing 2.4 to this Beta, but now I’m happy.

Nor it can be a full product without a help file or with disabled functions.

It sill has some bugs and not good enough .

By definition a beta is not a stable version. As some have mentioned there are some people getting BSODs and some having ther problems There are no guarentees with a Beta.

I myself have had no problems with 3.0.9, but had a lot of problems with 3.0.8 however I have only had it run for 2 days.


I installed the latest beta and upon the first restart got a BSOD. I did not get a memory dump because I didn’t have it set up properly before hand. I had to boot into safe mode and uninstall it. I then booted up normally and ran the install again. This time it booted with no BSOD, but when the desktop came up about only half of the programs that are set to automatically run did. Also, cfp.exe and cfpconfig.exe were in the task list but did not display anywhere. When I ran it from the shortcut on my desktop it just created another copy of both of those executables in the task list and still showed nothing. I then went to the start menu in normal mode and selected the uninstaller and it would not run. I booted into safe mode and uninstalled it again. I gave up at this point, because it’s obvious that CPF has a very long way to go before becoming even release candidate quality, must less release.

Intel Quad-Core 2.66 GHz
4 GB DDR2 800 RAM
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit

Quite stable with me but got 1 buggie :frowning:

guess i wait awhile more for a RC … but the screen shot looks nice (:TNG) … mmm… maybe i try it on a Virtual Machine, then if everything goes well, another partition :Beer

Running CPF 3 Beta for several days now and no single problem. Very stable on my Vista Business system.

Harry :BNC

big problem with vista update… can’t update anymore so i uninstalled it… and it didn’t unistall properly…
No problem under xp

I’m using 3.0.8 because I hear it’s more stable. I’ve yet to have a problem with it, that’s why I haven’t updated to 3.0.9 yet. :slight_smile:

It’s stable…, I mean, no crashes.
But it did not install correctly for me, so I need to wait the next release… :’(

It’s quite stable with some minor bugs that don’t bug me so much ;D.

Quite stable but no dangerous bugs, only a few sometimes, however i did my job of Beta tester, i have reported them directly by mail :slight_smile:

Stable here, I had the running under Vista and XP Pro SP2 and never had any problems, crashes or something else.

Installing now :).

For me the beta is good enoug, It’s the best firewall i’ve had.

Grtz. Jern

PS: I’m new here ;D

Vista 32-bit right?

i had 3.08 running for 22 days before i had to reboot to install 3.09, so i’d say it’s stable… just the graphical glitches in the add program to firewall interface dialogs are a bit annoying

For me:

Firewall module is stable.

Defense+ module not, but i don´t use it (:TNG)

me ? Vista 32 bit
Everything stable, no BSoD’s or something for
I’m now runnig XP Pro 32 bit on that computer wich has installed since today, only had a BSoD at first reboot, running stable now.

btw: I switched back to XP 'cuz CMG was conflicting with that activation thingie from Vista and i found out a bit too late, aaand i’m not quite sure how to make a dualboot with Vista/XP.

I’d say for me it’s stable enoug, never encountered problems exept for that one BSoD.