POLL: Is CPF 3 BETA Currenty Stable?[CLOSED]

i had too many problems to count on all my digits. couldn’t even get it to create a crash dump. using sunbelt and avast AV for now. they seem quite good so i’m in no hurry


My experience has been good with the current beta, it’s very stable and hasn’t given me any issues, but I did find some bugs.

No problems here on XP/SP2 (32), only a bug with games(freez on launch), but I’ve solved with defense setting, so nothing seriously. I dont vote becouse it is stable but for some people is not, so i think we could call this a GAMMA version.
…Any way, at the end, good for me.

Vista 32 bit.

CFP 3.0.9 provoked a serious conflict with my sunbelt antispyware, Counterspy. Counterspy used practically all of the cpu without any popups, and I can not find a way to put CFP on a safelist in Counterspy.

3.0.8 runs without any serious problems for me tho…

So far so good for me too, except it still “bug” me like hell on the fast user switching part (which I use a lot), not just fast user switching, also logging in and logging out as different users… all those copies of CFP3 running about are driving me nuts!.. (:AGY)

addendum: p2p transfers of any kind (even 200kb/s ftp transfers with 13 connections open total) are hell on cfp… cpu usage shoots up to 30% or more continuous use… firewall configured correctly, everything has the rights it should have

winxp sp2
athlon 64 3500+
1.5GB ram

I don’t use it yet so I won’t vote, but I’m confident that reaching release quality won’t take forever. I remember when the first alpha was released and Melih advised tremendous caution as if it was as dangerous as a nuclear bomb. Now it’s reportedly a pretty usable beta, the release is not far away notwithstanding individual experiences. (If you find bugs, report them please!) :slight_smile:

I have the Beta firewall on my main at home work computer. I am also using Comodo anti-virus, BOCleaner, and VEngine. I am using mostly the default settings on all. The firewall blocks lots of stuff. My computer is running great. My computer is happy, therefore, I am happy! I think the firewall is stable. I am still waiting for the final version before I install on my Vista computer–then I can trash the existing (bleep) firewall on it.