[POLL] Is CIS 3.8.64739.471 still too buggy?

Comodo patched version 3.8 just three days ago to remove some bugs, still some users are still reporting that CIS is to buggy as for now. I even seen a moderator talked harsh about the last 3.8 version being “buggy”.

So I thought a simple poll would be a great idea to see if this new version is something that many experience buggy and if you vote that it is in fact buggy, feel free to post what buggy stuff you experience… And maby that will give a clue as to what the most common bugs are. Then after that comodo will hopefully release a kickass patch that solves all problems! :■■■■ :BNC

3.8 (reinstall from 3.5) is working fine for me here. I know I can’t speak for everyone though.


Monkey_Boy=) needs a banana



Do they really need a poll?

All they got to do is look at the 3 most active subject in each forum and they will be about issues with the 3.8 release. They know what the issues are just got to give them time to fix it and next time hope that they don’t rush to release a final unless it is ready and don’t be like MS.

I think they do.

At least I like poll’s so I made one! (:HUG) (:HUG)

My Problems with current CIS 3.8… (latest version)

  • Too many and too many false positives due too cavs heuristics!

  • when leaving heuristics on and you do a scan with an antimalware scanner, the heuristics detects files the other scanner is scanning at the moment and the scanner can not continue… so if you are not behind the screen, the scanner does not continue…

  • Doing a scan with CAVS takes a huge amount of time and the pc becomes very unresponsive and slow, high disk usage, and low pc performance

  • boot up takes a lot of time with CIS installed.

  • Defense + destroys user profile, when logging in windows says user profile is not available.

  • files submission sometimes crashes and makes the whole application unstable

  • The description of alerts becomes unread able when you sroll down

  • The help file links do not link to the right places in the help file

  • Changing configuration sometimes means you loose your default protection settings

  • Defense + does not remember any rules sometimes and pops up with the same question over and over again…

  • Firewall acts strange sometimes, and asks every second that " Windows Operating system" is trying to connect to the internet, if you block, no internet connection is available…

That is what I can remember at the moment, I believe I experienced more trouble, but I think my point is clear. (:WIN)

The way I use CIS on my PC I’m encountering no problems whatsoever. :-TU

No bugs here…

    And yes,he needs a banana.

No monkey business on my PC (so far) on windows XP sp3.

Ain’t got no banana.

Works fine. I have installed it on 5 PCs.
Monkey_Boy=), have a

Once I did a clean install of the latest update, no issues since to speak of on my system.

I’ve seen all these false positives talked about, but have not gotten even one yet. I have real time heuristics set to medium. Maybe i’ll give ‘high’ a try… :THNK


I am glad to read you guys do not experience any problems with your current installation of cis! And i truly hope it stays that way… But we can not ignore problems that are troubling people and reporting them does contribute to a better product! (:WIN)

YES! Do that and be sure to install tune-up utilities/winrar… (:WIN)

No problems here…and Monkey boy needs more than a banana, he needs a “pipe-down” pill! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we need another poll separating Vista 32 bit and Vista64 bit. Would be interesting to see how many more Vista 64 bit users are having issues than the 32 bit ones.

??? How could you possibly do an AV scan and not have high disk usage?? You are reading every file on the disk! This has to be a disk intensive process! This is a bit like complaining that your defrag software accesses your HD too much…

3.8 is running very well for me. A huge improvement over 3.5! There are a few slight issues, but it’s a far cry from what I’d call “buggy”.

Second that, with CIS on 4 computers! :■■■■ (:CLP) :BNC

:ilovecomodo: but not too happy with this release.
Too many false positives, threatcast doesn’t work and still a lot of popups.
I will be uninstalling. See you again at 4.0! (:LOV)

Bye for now :wink:

i wanna vote for both “no bug” & “need banana” >:(

i’ve never encountered any bug issue with CFP & CIS.
well, i’ve got false positive though.