[POLL] Is CIS 3.8.64739.471 still too buggy?

There are some false positives, but less than with version 3.5.5. Do you have your installed program vendors, ones that have signed executables, added to the My Trusted Software Vendors list in Defense+ Common Tasks? This helps cut down on popups. Also, the level that you have Defense+ Settings and Image Execution Control Settings set at will affect the number of popups that you get. If both of these are set to the default level, you shouldn’t be getting a lot of popups. ThreatCast does work. I get ThreatCast feedback for many popups that occur during software installation.

I’ve had one false positive, but apart from that everything is good. With the latest patch I have noticed no bugs on my Vista 32bit machine.

The PC used by the rest of my family is still running 3.5 though, until 3.8 seems to settle down a bit more.

GREAT IDEA! :-TU (changing the poll)

Great idea! :-TU Option added! 88)

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Yes, too buggy had 27 votes.
No bugs here! had 19 votes.
I don’t know? had 1 vote.
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No bugs here & Monkey_Boy=) needs a banana. Vista64 SP1.

I have used the firewall for a long time but I used the AV part for the first time with V3.8. I cannot do a full scan, it crashes almost every time and brings down the whole PC with it. Scanning small groups of files works.

I am annoyed by having to enter the password every time I change parental control setting as it forgets it. I then have to enter the new, unchanged password a third time to do any thing else. I wish the parental control could optionally be for limited accounts only.

I still cannot export settings without logging into the full administrator account that does not have UAC.

I do not like the way it sets most things allowed for safe applications. This is not a bug but not what I want.

Too many false positives.

There are still some large font problems.

Otherwise, I like it, but wish the bugs could be sorted.

As long as the “saving rules to registry and get slower from day to day” behaviour isn’t fixed, I consider CIS as buggy.

No bugs noticed here (XP SP3). Overall I think the latest release is great, although I’m looking forward to future improvements, not the least when it comes to the GUI.

The improvements and new features being implemented since I first started using CFP are really impressive. CIS has come a long way in short time, and I’m sure it will “mature” with regard to bugs and FP’s (not that this helps people that experience bugs right now, though, so I understand the frustration)…

Just for testing on a xp image i installed the av+Firewall(btw why do i have to install D+,and then disable it if i don’t want it ).While doing an on demand scan ,i press stop scan button and the PC frooze,and comodo encountered an error etc window apeared…
I have a back up/image program so no problems but i’ll wait until version 4 for trying the whole suite again.I’ll stick with the CIS standalone firewal who never failed me.

Yes I know scanning is and disk intensive process, I am talking about the fact that scanning with cavs makes my pc unusable… Other scanners do not have such a huge load on my pc… And they do not have a continues disk usage of 100%… And they do not slow your pc down…

Unfortunately in my opinion CIS 471 is still too buggy, just have a look posts in section ‘Bug reports’. I have some problems with firewall myself on Vista x32. CIS 3.8 has new funcions and code so it takes some time to fix all known, and find unknown bugs. I believe there is a chance to fix most of it in the next release.

Running very smoothly here. :-TU

It’s running very smoothly here.

Clean install on Win 7 beta (7000) and works like a charm.

I can vouch those atm, on all 3 of my pcs, running Windows XP SP-3 (2 Home/1 Prof). I don’t use the AV since I use AntiVir, so idk anything on those.

Also, ran into a problem with trying to remove some of the user additions in Trusted Vendors. I tried removing multiple ones and then apply, just to see them all added again. I had to delete 1 and click apply and re-open and delete another, was quite annoying to do on 3 pc.

Idk if this is supposed to do this but in the old CIS, when you did lookup and it found files as safe it would automatically move them from the pending list, but with this version they come up safe and it doesn’t move them and they wind up getting submitted. Oh, and if you look at the bar it say submited, instead of submitted (typo? 88))

Looks like the FP problem might be gone…

24 hours, that’s impressive! :comodorocks: (V)