Please vote to select the Beta project names for upcoming projects

Melih has asked if you could please select names from the above list.

Each forum member can select up to 5 names.

These names would be used for future development propjects by Comodo - in much the same way that Microsoft use towns (Chicago, Memphis) and Apple use cats (Jaguar).

I cannot vote as I think using someones name for a product is a slight bit in poor taste . ONLY my opinion . Sorry . Not trying to upset anyone at all . Just my 4 cents worth . I like the idea of say , like Comodo from the dragon . Great name but , very broad . If a name is to be used , i MUST suggest it should be a play off Melih’s name and/or some of your coders .
Again , very sorry if this angers anyone . Just an opinion .

It’s the project’s name, not the released products name.

Like project “Longhorn” will be released as product “Vista”.

My apologies falkor - should have said “development project” not “development of products”. I’ll modify the text.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Interesting concept . I bow though . I do not see why it is important but , you guys like it so , best of luck . No vote here as anything is as good , or bad , as another . Pick one and go .
Oh no . Not a problem ewen . I think I would have been confused anyway . My fault . (R)

It just a way to put heart into a project and an image. It gives it more of an existence if you will, more feeling. If you just called it a project, that would undoubtably be boring. I don’t know if I explained this well to you, lol. Hope it helps though.


I like the name Tesla, um…perhaps because I used to listen to them in the 80’s and 90’s, anyway, I still have to go with project NEWTON.

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Ok, the last one was too cartoonish, and I am hoping Newton wins…



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Wireless power transfer - Wikipedia ;D

Just wondering, if this link is due to my post above, I was simply saying WHY I liked the name and was making a joke. I know what Tesla is but thanks anyway.


<When we lose our sense of humor, we have lost ourselves.>

No, just who I voted for…

Ok, lol. Thanks.


I also voted Tesla. But I was thinking for CPF v3.0… since it will be SHOCKING!!!

hehe ;D


Ok that was easy part!

We now need to explain how the invention of the scientiest can be used to describe the power of CPF :slight_smile:

eg: Tesla = Electro magnetic field etc… use this to describe how powerful CPF Tesla is (if of course Tesla is the winner) using his invention/discovery.



Zoidberg got more votes than the guy that holds the patent to attaching peripherals to a computer.

ewen :slight_smile:

Just curious, but why are we trying to sell a project name? This was to name a project, not product right?

Anyway, according to , Tesla developed the alternating current (AC) electrical supply system… that’s a pretty significant milestone for humanity I’d say :wink:

CPF Tesla, Powering your security!
CPF Tesla, Welcome to the beginning of the Security Age!

This seems like a history ■■■ motivational class. Studying people’s achievement and using them to relate to present products to inject life into the products. Hehe, seems interesting.

Yours truly,

This should be interesting for sure. CPF, Tesla, a valence shell of protection. Or, CPF Tesla, resistance against attacks. Hmmm, CPF Tesla, a positive security in a negative environment, no, CPF Tesla, jumping from one hole to the next, no, no, no… CPF Tesla, putting hackers in the electric chair, no. no. no. … I give up. I do have some knowledge and background in electricity but as far as combining CPF with it, yikes…


Hey, I attach peripherals to computers every day, I never got a vote, lolll :wink:


LOL… I’ll vote for you Paul, but what would your catch phrase be?