Please vote to select the Beta project names for upcoming projects

Hmmmm, catch phrase, catch phrase…loll. Faster than rising gas prices, more powerful than a Comodo newbie, able to leap away from house hold chores in a single bound! Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a bird sitting on Paul’s balding head! Paul the Peripheral Man! (:CLP)

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Tesla was my first vote. The picture I got in my head was that Comodo is really an outsider (like Tesla)
He came up with some really interresting thoughts that annoyed, or rather competed, with the great Edison.
In a way Comodo does that too in my opinion. Offering such powerful tool as the firewall for no money is kind of the same. Sure there are other freeware firewalls, but they get crippled (outpost, Kerio) after the evaluation period, or they are not developed (not to speak of the support) with such pace anymore (Netveda).

Comodo team seems really responsive to ideas from the community, that is also not so common for freeware firewalls. I just hope that all this will last :slight_smile:

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What did Tesla’s discovery do for the world? It empowered everyone to do things their way, by providing a source of power that was safe, stable, accessible and controllable.

Slogan? I’ll leave that for sharper minds than mine, btu hopefully, there’s some fodder in the above.

ewen :slight_smile:

Tesla was my first vote too, but not the man, the weapon from the game Red Alert 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Comodo CPF Tesla…Generating security for computers around the world.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Generating a stable security for your PC.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Security stabalization for your PC.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Stabalizing your PC security.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Making our contribution to PC security.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Generating a stable security for everyone.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Great minds think alike.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Keeping your security positive.

Comodo CPF Tesla…When it comes to PC security, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Comodo CPF Tesla…A force to be reckoned with.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Mega security for your pc.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Generating a field of security around your pc.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Powering your pc security.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Generating pc security around the world.

Comodo CPF Tesla…A tight coil of security for your pc.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Power against intruders.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Generating a shield of security.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Attracting security repelling intruders.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Attracting users repelling intruders.

Comodo CPF Tesla…Securing your PC while repelling intruders.



CPF Tesla - Zaps the hell out of intruders and traitors :smiley:

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If only a motto could be so straight forward. This is a true advertisement by a furniture company…
So knowing that Comodo doesn’t have this sort of name , it’s a bit harder to get away with, like, CPF Tesla…keeping those little Ba$^@(ds off your computer!
It’s funny I suppose how straight forwardness is a bad thing, lol. Boy would companies have fun then.


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A comment on the list of names being proposed: both Newton and Darwin have been used before and could cause confusion. Newton was a promising, but ultimately failed, project of (guess who!) Apple. Apple’s Newton had a certain ring to it. Only Adam is close! Darwin, of course, is the name of the Unix-like foundation on which the Macintosh OSX OS is built. Apple again!

Hi Pudelien, good point, you know your history, but I believe Tesla was chosen so no worry there. :wink: I admit a bit of confusion though, is the name going to be CPF Tesla? I did list some catch phrases but perhaps not what Comodo is looking for in terms of the type of phrase? Pudelien, are you a Mac or any other open source user? I am dwelving into open source right now, and will be getting a new pc soon and was wondering if Fedora, or some other OS would be good to get rid of Windows XP-ensive completely?




You are in the process of getting rid of Windows XP? Good luck to you then. :slight_smile: Switching to Linux would be fine is you know where to get all of the programs that can run on it. I think Linux has not matured enough yet for home users like me. I tried Knoppix a few days ago. It was fine, but there are pretty much of learning on my part that is needed. I remember reading somewhere that says if you want to get things done, just go for Windows. The quote that they gave was “Life’s too short for Penguin (Linux)” ;D

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I prefer Suse or Mandriva :smiley:

Nice saying, ::slight_smile: ;)although I can’t say I fully agree there. Windows is needed for some things, but I have been fooling with Fedora, Knoppix etc…and other open source things for some time and I find that I am coming to like it. Windows makes it hard for open source through market dominance I would think. I think there may be a counter app to anything Windows can put out, but as I said, some things can’t due to market dominance. And hey , it may be a penguin logo, but at least it’s not a bunny!



Well there are two areas where you would be spending time when installing and running software


sometimes time required to install something, even though longer, might be worth it as when it runs, you never have to manage it as much as, perhaps, other solutions, which could well pay for the extra setup time (if there was an extra setup time).


I agree and one problem I have is that Open source isn’t as solid with ease of use. I think that Firefox and IE prove a good scaled down level of all this. I currently run Firefox after using IE for years. Today I found some limitations to Firefox when it comes to image browsing\saving and once again the dreaded slowdown. I have cleaned the history, cookies, all the good stuff and yet after a bit of use, it seems to clutter and slow down. This has happened with previous versions to me as well. IE takes longer to load but has more capabilities when browsing and a more solid feel to it. Firefox has customizations, and looks great and I feel I can tolerate it’s short comings for a security tradeoff from IE. That said, I think the Open source OSs are behind and if they grow and morph a bit, they will have a Firefox popularity and attract users very quickly, much more quickly than they do now. I truly wouldn’t mind Windows, but I get tired of all the rigamaroo with it, to name a few…

  1. All the constant updates that they charge for if you need to order the cd for those with slower connections. I took me 5 hours to upgrade my wife’s pc after an install from home, to sp1 , more updates, then sp2 , and more updates after that and then some basic firewall (obvious which) anti virus software. I have DSL but all the installing, restarting is getting rediculous.

  2. Activation. If you change a component, (and this depends on each pc it seems) you have to sit on the phone with a 50 digit number , talk to a computer, then finally someone who doesn’t care that you exist to get your OS activated again. With WGA, there is no need for activation and it should be done away with.

  3. You pay around 300.00 for XP pro, and you are expected to have it on 1 pc only, so when I get my PC it would be about 1200.00 for all my computers. That is rediculous, perhaps with WGA they could have a verification that it is your own pc and you can use it on up to 3 or 4 in your own home.

  4. The point of the updates. While I can see fixes and updates from MS, OS overhauls like sp1 and sp2 is rediculous for a company like MS. They have all the resouces at hand to do better than that.

Problems with open source to me are…

  1. Takes more time to learn.

  2. Everyday ease of use isn’t as good as Windows.

  3. Have to implement many different ways to install many programs.

  4. Help for issues is a bit harder to get and if you say you have a problem with open source, you may get attacked rather than helped. (Happened to me personally many times.) Not everyone is like that though just to make that a point.

  5. Still doesn’t have much needed compatabilities that Windows has.

While currently open source is not the complete answer, I think many grasp at straws to find the correct one. Maybe one day there will be a common ground or something that will have the specs and ease of Windows with an open source mind. :wink:



Well Paul,

I do agree with most of the points on Windows XP. It seems ridiculous to have so many updates just to secure a PC. I can understand how do you feel when you reformat a computer as I have recently done that myself. Seriously wasted my whole day just to get the PC up and running.

As for the activation, that is also a big frown for Microsoft Windows. I seriously like to have Linux up on my PC but the learning curve seems to be a little steep for me. I think I need to ahve somoeone beside me explaning every detail to me while I mess around with Linux. It would also be nice to be successful as it is FREE. I just love free stuff. :smiley:

Until and when Linux is truly widely supported, I think I will still stick with Windows to get things done. However, I will still try out Linux from time to time. I am currenly downloading Ubuntu 6.06 and am planning to get it running later at night. Hopefully it is better than Knoppix. ;D

Yours truly,

Well, I do have a Linux class this semester which I had a minor one last year, but once you start knowing your way around, it’s not all that bad. However, if it was in fact that great, I would have dropped Windows by now.
Let’s just hope something spectacular happens. By the way, please let me know how Ubuntu works, it would be greatly appreciated. I tried Kabuntu and it wouldn’t install and crashed my boot. (:AGY)
Not saying it wasn’t a freak accident but still weary a bit. I know things can happen out of the ordinary on Pcs.



PS, did you see Melih’s, child thread? Confess you sins brother!! (:AGL)

TESLA!!!Because he is from Serbia and I am from Serbia.SRBIJA DO TOKIJA.

Zoidberg is awesome! Yesla sounds pretty cool though

Darwin - Comodo is all about the evolution of computer security. survival of the fittest = the most secure


Is this thread still ongoing? Was it ever real or just another one of Ewen’s gags & giggles?