Please use Comodo Search

We would kindly ask all our users to start using our Comodo Search when searching the web.

Best method would be to make this your Home Page please.

Thank you very much


Search appears to be powered by

Great for a homepage though!


yes powers it.

thank you for using it


Melih, wonder if your programmers could take the Comodo Search Window and offer an option were you can place it in the task bar below.

I used to have a Google Search Window there but then Google required you download the Tool Bar in order to have the search window at the bottom. I uninstalled and although I have the search window set for Google there is NO Tool Bar. And I probably would use the task bar search window equal or more often.

Many times there is something on the screen that does not allow a search, with it in the Task Bar I do not have that problem. Possibly you could also include a small logo link that will allow quick and direct access to these forums or product support.

TOO Many are providing different features only available in a Tool Bar. If someone had 7-8 Tool Bars it starts getting ridiculous. I prefer a larger screen area. So the Task Bar provides opportunities.


This is probably a stupid question, but when you start searching an page with the results opens. There is a search bar on it as well. Can you continue with the next search right there or do you have to return to the Comodo page every time (in order for Comodo to benefit)?

you can continue. will still benefit us.

Hi Melih just set my home page to comodo search no problem in doing that. but the page looks so plain and has no snappy look. is there any way to make the search area more glossy or some thing along them lines or in the colors of comodo FW that just mite make it more eye appealing and get more users.

because it is the home page for many people, we try to keep it as light as possible to make sure it loads the fastest.

However I will pass your request to our design team.
I just read this:, the search engine from the American group IAC/InteractiveCorp, is abandoning its general Web search engine strategy in favor of vertical search focused on specific demographic groups.”

It will probably take some time, but I don’t know whether that is a good thing for Comodo Search (in the long run).

We’ll find out :slight_smile:

thanks for the heads up


How about creating a FireFox Add-on to add Comodo Search to their browser search ins. This would give a lot of exposure as you are hoping for. Think of all the people who use FF. Here is a link to their info on this:

I, myself, get tired of the ones that are listed, so I use metasearch engine.


Thanks for that EZRyder…

our guys are busy developing our own toolbar that works with FF too…

Add a new xml file (Comodo search) to the Firefox searchplugins folder, with this content:


Now Comodo Search will be in the Firefox search bar.

I was not successful with the suggestion; here is something else that was posted on the FireFox board; I’m not sophisticated enough to get this to work also; I’ve installed the extension and have the Comodo Search in the list of dropdown but when I choose it to use the search, it opens with instead.

this was the reply to my post:

Today 05:53 PST
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Your code only shows an image (favicon) encoded as base64 and an url.
You can try: Add to Search Bar

That plug-in should do the trick (I have also used that).

Once you have installed it, you can add any search engine to the Firefox search bar. Simply open the Comodo Search page, right click in the “search field” (or whatever that is called) and select “add to search bar”.

Perhaps\probably(?) it is necessary to delete the one you added manually (following my instructions that didn’t work :frowning: ).

actually, I believe that it did work; it just appears, after reading their site again, that they use as their engine, how ■■■■■■ is that? I suppose they will enhance the branding so as to show Comodo instead of Ask

That’s a relief. I thought I had messed something up on you computer. (:LGH)
It’s good to hear it’s working. Don’t forget to uninstall the “add to search bar” extension if you don’t need it.

Yes, Comodo Search uses Ask as its engine, and it shows. But part of the money they make with the ads goes to Comodo, so that’s good, even if the page does look a bit odd (non-Comodo).

Hello guys one tiny question.
In my Win.explorer i have two toolbar’s, the ggogle one and i added Comodo (and my default page is google)
So on google toolbar i have popupp blocker on nd phishing blocker, not on comodo toolbar so im interested does it interferr with comodo toolbar? (i have comoldo safe surf on offcourse)

thnx for anny answer and this is my first post lol

I have it, this entire site has products you can count on


This is a very easy way of making some money for Comodo. So everybody, at least add Comodo Search to the search bar of your browser and use it. It only takes a second to switch to another search engine (and back) if necessary. (:WIN)