Please Try (pre-alpha :-) )

Hi Guys

Here is a new product at pre-alpha stage (if there is such a stage :- ) )

This service, once registered, allows you to take over your machine from anywhere in the world! bit like gotomypc. Once registered, you need to install a client side code and then all you need, to take over that machine, is a browser from anywhere in the world. This service at the moment is fairly slow cos it runs on a development machine (not production) and the code requires optimisation. But feel free to give it a go. To try it you can go to register for free trial there then go to and login using the comodomeet details (uses the same access control as comodomeet at the moment :slight_smile: ). So give it a try, see what you think and pls, as always, give us your feedback about what you would like to see in this product.

So look forward to your feedback :slight_smile:


Anyone tried this yet?




I’d love to but …

see attached


The download failed as well, stating that “uahook.dll” and “cmlogger.dll” weren’t found.

I’ll try downloading againto see if that fixes and post the results back here.

ewen :frowning:

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I downloaded the installer a second time and disabled the on access scanner. I was then able to successfully install it.

Initial impressions:

  1. Overall, it works quite well, particularly considering its an alpha.
  2. Screen refresh is quite laggy, particularly if scrolling the host screen vertically.
  3. I like the fact that you don’t have to use a local user login credentials.
  4. Accurate remote desktop replication.
  5. Scaling is quite smooth but noticeably increases the lag in refresh.

Questions/Issues :

  1. How come an alpha release is showing as version 1.?.?.?
  2. How come the download is unsigned???
  3. Because I had to download the installer twice, my PC is listed twice when I log in (only 1 is active though)
  4. CAV traps it???
  5. Can I let it out of quarantine?
  6. Did you want me to submit it??? ROFL
  7. Didn’t see any notification that the PC was being taken over by a remote host.
  8. Is it possible for Comodo apps, on installation, to insert approriate rules in the firewall?
  9. How about the option to eliminate the wallpaper on the host? This would help with screen lag.
  10. How about making the clipboard common between the two systems?

I’ll do some more testing tomorrow. I’m stuffed like a fat mans undies and I’m going to bed shortly.

Ewen :slight_smile:

If you want to see how it shold be done, have a look at Free for personal use of their light version (no file transfer, no host-remote synchronisation etc.), pay for heavy version. Very nicely done and their host screen transfer is noticeably quicker than CUA.

Also, UA isn’t running now on my PC and I have to run it manually. Possible this is XP SP2 only, as opposed to XP SP1??

Also, “uahook.dll”, part of CUA, keeps getting trapped by CAV. LOL. To run CUA, I have to disable CAV on access scanner, restore uahook.dll from quarantine and then run uahost.exe manually. A bit lumpy don’t you think?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Also, cmlogger.dll is continually reported as unfound during setup. Possibly missed in compling the setup file?

One feature that we have suggested to is emailing of user access passwords to the nominated user. My wife uses logmein on about 30 of her clients PCs for remote accounting support. She was having a lot of trouble remembering which password went with each PC and mentioned this to They have acknowledged the usefulness of the idea and have it on their drawing board.

The solution is going to be the following; when a registered user downloads the server to a PC and runs through the setup, when it asks for the password, it is stored on the local PC and it will be sent to the registered users nominated email account (nominated during registration) along with a “handle” to help them identify what PC it relates to.

Very simple and very effective. This could be incorporated into UserAnywhere. Don’t worry about - I’ve already told them I’m going to pass this idea on to you guys and they are cool with it.

What do you think?

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Margaret thinks that is quicker than CUA. We’ve got a bet going 'cause I said that Comodo will eventually kick their butts andnot just in terms of speed. Don’t let me down, guys.

Doesn’t handle multi monitor display. This is a must, particularly if you’re pitching it at business users.

ewen :slight_smile:

ok we have a new version (Alpha + :slight_smile: ) and you can apply for a free trial version this time!

So pls feel free to go ahead and use the service for free! and let us know your views



Only if you can tell us how to stop CAV quarantining “uahook.dll” which causes to uahost.exe to fail, rendering the whole product inoperable.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ok ok. get the point :slight_smile:

we’ll fix it :slight_smile:
thanks for feedback Ewen :slight_smile:



I had a HDD crash the other and had to reinstall UA. I downloaded and installed without incident. The login accepts my username and password with a problem but when I try to give the PC a “name” it fails with a “Connection Failed” message within the login dialogue window. There are no logs in CPF and UAConnect.exe is setup correctly.

If I log in to the UA website, it displays that there are no PCs in my list.

Any ideas,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. I forgot to add that I still can’t connect if CPF is set to ALLOW ALL.

Ewen :slight_smile:

hey any1 can plz tell me abt this product


User Anywhere is

A web based application enabling you to work on your home or office PC or any other computer for that matter from a computer connected to the worldwideweb, as if you were sitting at it. The only condition is that the remote computer you want to access should be connected to the worldwideweb and running the UserAnywhere server software.

Hope this helps,


It allows you to take control of any PC you register from anywhere in the world using a browser and internet connection.

so for example, you can register your home pc and leave it on and connected to internet, then when you travel anywhere in the world, all you need is a browser and internet connection, you can logon to your home machine and work as if you are sitting in front of your home machine!


Hey deadly,

Please note that Comodo UserAnywhere (CUA) is PRE-ALPHA - not even at the level of a BETA. This is firmly in crash-test-dummy territory. To a large extent, we’re on our own here, btu that’s the nature of alpha software. :wink:

CUA is a remote access application, sort of like PC Anywhere. A server component is downloaded and installed on a PC at location “A”. At location “B”, you can login to, enter your credentials (username and password) and you should be able to see machine “A” (providing its turned on and the useranywhere service is running). Clicking on this should allow you to connect to, see and use the PC at “A” from your current location at “B”.

I’d suggest you log in to and read what’s there. That’s about all the info there is at the moment - what I know is from mucking around with the product. As you discover things, please post here, so others can benefit.

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I would have compared it more to GoToMyPC as an online server is being used as a facilitator.

Much better analogy Dan. Thanks. :wink:

Does anyone know if this is still available, neither of the sites seem to work.

We are upgrading the machines… putting some meaty stuff to handle the future volumes :wink:
will be available shortly…