Please tell us if V3 didn't work for you. Here you can get a test version! (look at the poll)


first of all, pls accept my sincerest gratitude for your patience and support.

We are going to make a release shortly to users for whom V3 didn’t work quite well. We are not going to post the URL (cos when we do it gets picked up by download sites etc which we don’t want). We want to PM the URL to you.

Therefore, if you could possibly reply to this post telling us you want it pls. We will PM it to you (most likely tomorrow). Can you also pls identify the problem you had (just a basic description in your posts).

Its also very important, if we could kindly ask you to share with us if this version has fixed the issues you had. This would help us immensely.

Again, we do thank you all for your patience and support and we want you to know that your actions will help millions of others (literally) to have a malware free computing!

thank you



Right here, send it my way! I would be glad to tell you if this new version will work on my computer now.

Ok, my problem would be a windows installer pop up would come up to install stuff I didn’t think I had, and then a Sonic installer pop-up too. These would come up when the computer starts and while surfing the internet at every different page.

UPDATE: I still get the problems with the newest release you guys sent me, but it doesn’t pop up as much as before… :’(

I worked around most of the issues, except “ask” doesn’t work at all for me under “Network Security Policy”. Other things didn’t work like I thought they should, but tolerable. I can make a disk image with Acronis and give the program a try before release. Regards; Ed.

Short path problem mulitple entries.
Crash on trying to access help file.

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Yes please. Always willing to give it a go. (:AGL)

Please send the update to me as well. Main issues: MSI Installer popup dialogues and sporadic episodes of “100% CPU Usage.” Thanks, Melih.

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CFP-3 is working well for me now, but I have had some of the problems that we see posted. I would like to test the new version.


I would like to give it a try, Please send me the link.

im willing to try this new version, my main problems its network security policy that blocks windows file and printer sharing even if i allow them in my network zone for IP and TCP/UDP with IN and OUT rules.

hi comodo does not like my computer, whenever I open help in the firewall it crashes. Also it does not allow me to go to explorer to select executables, the only way I can get to them is by opening them and selecting running processes. This is a pain becuase in games that means i have to go into them and then select running processes, nearly using all my memory and i have 3 gigs of if. (:SAD)

microsoft vista home premium, 3 gigs of ram, dual core processor, radeon x1650, webroot spy sweeper, ativir antivirus


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As mentioned in several posts, leaktest failed which is probably attributed to NOD32 proxy, however the more serious issues were having all my programs marked as “Not a Valid Win32 Application” unable to shut down or reboot.

Once I was able to do a system restore in safe mode, CFP still left traces which left Windows Security believing I still had an active FW. Fix for that found on one of the threads here.

Thanks Melih and team. I appreciate your efforts

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As I’ve posted in “Bug Reports”, I am testing CFP 3 on a virtual machine with WinXP-SP2.
CPF crashed at the end of Virusscan Enterprise 8.0 install process.
Plus, after a roboot, any attempt to use them together makes XP at last freeze.


I think I’ll hold off for now and see what comes up as others more brave than I do the field testing. (:LGH)

After installing v3 I had to disable my Webroot SpySweeper email monitoring function in order to receive emails via Outlook (I could send them though??!!); my system generally ran slower and MS Word took an extremely long time to open, although Excel opened normally. Fortunately, I had created a system restore point prior to installing so I was able to revert to v2.

Please send me the new release.

Thank you,

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Short Version: I DO want it. My major problem with it is incompatable with Spysweeper email checker on my machine, and too much whining between it and BO Clean on my wifes (I did not have BO Clean on mine)> Temp workaround was to disable Spysweeper email scan for me, and un-install BO Clean for wife.

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And me too!

Hello to all!

Recently, I downloaded the latest version of Comodo Firewall 3.

Except that when installing it complains that I am using Windows 2003 Server (which of course, is true). Until the previous version, they were perfectly functional in w2003s … But now it seems that closed the door to that OS and not allow installing the same.

No, there is no version of the software for w2003s?

Sorry my poor english.