Please tell us how Comodo Registry Cleaner helped you.

We are very eager to hear from you as to how Comodo Registry Cleaner (or any other registry cleaner) might have helped you.

We would love to hear from you, pls do tell us and give as much details as you feel comfortable with.

thank you


It’s a very good product :slight_smile: I usually run it after everytime I uninstall and application now :slight_smile:

When I first ran it it cleaared away entries that I couldn’t even remember from previous games, security software etc! And the end result is a faster system :slight_smile:

Thank you

It’s hard to say whether it helped or not, but it hasn’t ruined anything so far so thats a good start. Usualy registry cleaners mess up something sooner or later…

I myself have had an issue with the current version.
I have submitted the results as was asked (to find a solution).
Currently I use TuneUp 2008 as that has not caused any issues to date.
I usually do a cleanup after every install and every un-install.

how registry cleaner helped me???

  1. was free

  2. let me know my XP svc Pac 3 was NOT in effect, when it said I had svc pack 2,

so then i struggled to get svc pac 3 to INSTALL…sigh…i thought i DID already install it weeks ago…I dont know what went wrong.

  1. now I ASK…what do i do with “unsafe entries” ??? I have 95 of them…some (a few) of which are related to the Panda Antivirus I have…the remainder I dont know what they are or what, if anything…to do

Leave the Unsafe Entries alone. They are listed simply to alert you that they are there in your registry and could be errors. But they are lsited under Unsafe Entries because they could cause you problems with your programs and/or hardware, such as printers, if you remove them.

I tried the registry cleaner… so far no problems… still I am a bit worried what might come…

did you notice any difference in your system performance?

in fact I did noticed some difference in system performance… my pc seemed to go faster… I mean programs seemed to load faster… But I can not tell for sure… But I am glad now I installed an have runned the registry cleaner!

Thank you for this program! (:CLP) :SMLR

How many entries did you remove? Have you also used a compacter?


I removed about 980 entries, but I can not remember it straight… I did not use the compacter, because it said I will only gain very few amount of benefit from it: only 0.08 % it said… I think this could be true, because I used registry defrag of tune up utilities a couple of times before I ran the compacter (:WIN)

980 entries is quite a lot, I would expect a compacter to squeeze away some % after that…


Comodo Registry Cleaner is one of my favorite tools when cleaning up someones computer :). It’s not only deep, but also safe so I can (almost) be sure that all the keys are safe to delete…

I think this could be true, because I used registry defrag of tune up utilities a couple of times before I ran the compacter
For now I use auslogics registry defrag...


So you are not worries at all when using Comodo registry cleaner ??? …hmmmm… :THNK… When I use Tune up registry cleaner I trust it completely… But when using CRC I do not have that feeling…

I have installed and on my overbloated xp machine… but I am not willing to us it yet on that machine… I am waiting for a good review… (:WIN)

But when using CRC I do not have that feeling.....
So it's not bloated enough to give you a 'safe' feeling ? I like products that are straight to the point, not somethings you need to go through 10 pages...

!ot! Tune-up’s registry cleaner is almost worse then CCleaner


Correct! I have used it on many computers, and I trust this software 100%, and I have not got any problems on the computers I have tested this software on.

The computers boot up faster, and when I use them, I feel that they work faster than before.

Before I used CCleaner, and I thought that it was a good program, but oh my good, I was so wrong 88)


I have used CRC on 2 Vista Ultimate machines and 1 Vista Business machine without ANY problems at all. I used the compactor when it was still a part of the program, and didn’t have any problem with it either on the Vista machines. When I ran the compactor on our XP Home SP3 laptop, it caused the registry hives to become messed up and the computer would not boot up after that. The compactor causing problems on some computers was why it was removed from the program. The size of the registry on all computers is relatively small. I have read that compacting or defragmenting the registry really doesn’t do much at all for performance because of it’s relatively small size. But the compactor was never a problem on our Vista machines, only the XP machine.

I used a paid registry cleaner, Registry First Aid, for probably 6 or 7 years now. I started using Comodo Registry Cleaner when it went to public release. Both of these registry cleaners do a good job of removing registry errors and speed up the computer after removing these registry errors. CRC seems to find a larger total number of errors than Registry FirstAid, while Registry FirstAid finds some different registry errors that CRC doesn’t find, or doesn’t consider being worthwhile to remove. CRC is definitely as good, or better than Registry FirstAid, and it is a free product. Thanks to the Comodo development team for putting out a great product.

yesterday I ran the CRC on my overbloated xp sp 3 home edition pc… I closed down every application in the background…

I deleted about 1300 registry errors and short after that my pc was remarkable fast! Internet explorer started bloody fast after I ran the cleaner! Incredible!

Today I booted the machine and I see an error about some fax installer and it does not want to go away what ever I click… but now it is gone… but when I start my pc I think it will be there again… I do not know the solution yet…

After reboot ie has lost some of its speed when I started it yesterday, but it is still better than before!

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Restore your registry from the last registry backup that is automatically created by CRC. Then scan your registry again with CRC, but don’t remove the registry errors that it finds just yet. Search down through the list of registry errors listed to find any entries that refer to Fax. I realize that will be a lot of entries to search through, but you will find at least one, maybe more, entries that refer to Fax. Uncheck those entries and then right-click them and choose ‘Add to Ignore List’. Then let CRC remove all the remaining registry errors. Then after you reboot, you should not be bothered by this Fax popup again. Sometimes regsitry cleaners remove certain entries that are associated with a program or hardware (usually a printer) that are needed for the program or hardware systray icon to work properly. This usually doesn’t take too much time and effort to find the entry, or entries, that needs to be added to the Ignore List and then you can safely remove all the other registry errors. This is a small inconvenience to pay for getting rid of all of the registry errors that slow your machine down. Remember that you got rid of about 1300 registry errors and this was the only problem you encountered so far.

A registy cleaner that finds orphaned links to (meanwhile) non-existing files helps to keep the size of the registry small (with compacting afterwards). Cleaning with CRC and compacting with NTREGOPT reduced registry size by 5% (about 3,5 MB).