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Hi jfproulx,

I really like the idea of have a sort function in the ‘Reason’ column, the other columns have got it so why not…

We can also expand the filter criteria that is currently available.

Would it be ok to contact you from my Comodo email address regarding using your quote…

“First off, note that we are a small business (5 users) who had been using SEP for over 7 years which kept “hogging” our server resources and was a nightmare to upgrade every year… Now that we have switched to you guys, we can only say thank you for your great service!”

…on our websites and backlinking to your company’s website?

Thank you for your compliment and the great ideas. Another of our products which may interest you is our Endpoint Security Manager (first 10 licenses are free), more about that product here

Kind regards,

Hi Michel,

  1. Yes, you can contact me directly via your Comodo email address.

  2. Yes, you can use our quote and backlink to GAC as this is a true story.

3a. Believe it or not, after the success of CAG, we were just talking about getting rid of SEP completely in favor of CESM3. From our perspective, it’s the server resources that SEP consumes on our SBS2003 that is causing concerns and given the complexity of any SEP upgrade, we discussed switching to CESM3. The 1-2 days at SEP include such wonderful things as getting the right license, then getting the right download package, then reading the SEP presentations for how to install the license and upgrade, then being transferred between 5-6 different tech supports as to why the license was not the right one, etc. You get the idea.

3b. Our SEP license expires this summer if I remember correctly so giving CESM3 a try will hopefully take less time than doing this again… How good is the installation package with SBS2003?



One of my demo machines is a SBS 2003 so I can assure you it works great. Just a note though, the SQLExpress 2012 that is bundled with the download doesn’t work on Server 2003 platforms so you will need do get SQL Express 2008 from Microsoft download site (it is free).

Another joy of SBS servers is MS Exchange’s ability to suck up RAM at an alarming rate so please either make sure you have 2-3GB spare for CESM or run CESM on a separate Win7 machine as this will be more than enough for a 5 user environment.

If you need any help ping an email to esmsupport[at] There are also a sequence of 6 ‘How-To’ videos on the CESM3 website under the ‘Support’ tab if you need a bit of a walkthrough.

Kind regards,


A user inteface that doesn’t require constant clicking of “Refresh” to do things would be really nice.

For example, I login. There is no error, or anything really. I click “Refresh”. Sometimes, I get a “Processing” box come up. After maybe 5 min of refreshing, I get the Domains page. I click “Domains”, or enter my domain, and then the same thing happens: blank page. Click refresh, maybe get the Processing box, maybe not.

Finally, I get to the domain, the go to look at the spam entries, and… well, you get the picture.

Happens under Win 7, Win 8, IE 7 - 10.

Edit: It is now one hour since I first logged into the console, and I still haven’t been able to view the Quarantine screen.


Hi Neil,

I think there may be an error there, under normal conditions the wait for the page to open is usually less than 1 second.

Let us test a little and get back to you.


CASG should use encrypted SMTP connections to destination servers if supported by the remote server. doesn’t use encrypted connections to the configured destination mail server even if the destination/remote server supports this.

:slight_smile: DONE :slight_smile:

I like this one Daniel - let’ s put it in the queue. Thank you.


I thought it already did this, and I just had something configured wrong somewhere in my Exchange server. I definitely also want encryption everywhere it can be, when CASG sends mail to my server; and when CASG sends to outbound recipients.

I wanted this even before Ed Snowden told us what we all already suspected.

:slight_smile: DONE :slight_smile:

Where’d everyone go?

We’re here. Things are quiet. Clients are quiet. It ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Oh yeah, please fix the forum so that I get directed back here when I log in.
Happy 2015
In the middle of updating an Exchange server from 2010 to 2013

Hey Lou - go hosted :slight_smile: Exchange has become too painful. Just have a look at all the Spiceworks comments about on-site vs hosted (


P.S. are you using the BC & DRM features in ASG?

Not my choice.

P.S. are you using the BC & DRM features in ASG?
I am going to assume that you are using my ignorance to further your adenda. >:-D

What is BC and DRM?
I am still trying to figure out why ASG stopped emailing me with white/black list requests.

Feature enhancement: make the login process come back here after I click Login.

If a man says something in the forest and his wife is not there, is he still wrong?

Hi, sorry, just get so used to acronyms so quickly 'round here,

BC = business continuity (e.g. when the Exchange server’s power supply dies but your users still need access to their emails) usually a short-term measure until you can get up and running again

DRM (a.k.a. DRP) = Disaster Recovery Management/Plan (e.g. when the building burns down and you need both short term measures to keep trading as well as the ability to restore everything that was lost)

“I am still trying to figure out why ASG stopped emailing me with white/black list requests” - changed email address?

& yes

forest/desert/ice-cap/mid-Atlantic, he would still be wrong

OK, I thought maybe DRM had to do with the RIAA… :slight_smile:
I use Exchange in a small Virtual Machine for what little I do (mostly testing) and it can run on one of several pieces of hardware.
We are setting up a new server for the client, and that will run under ESXi with daily backups (Veeam). We also keep images off site but if a fire or hurricane comes along, that would be difficult. I would probably just run away from home. 8)

Didn’t change email address, looking for configuration page… you keep hiding stuff. :cry:

So you should be adding on a couple of Gigs of MailBackup archiving to your client’s ASG domain so that:-

  1. If the hardware should crash they can still log in to ASG as users to read and reply to incoming emails while you reboot the box (this is the BC part)


  1. If the building burns down they have access as per 1) above and, when you have a new box set up, you can re-forward all the mail back to the Exchange server from the archive to re-populate the mailstore (this is the DR part)

I liked Veeam back in the day and then hound the Ghetto script (free and more configurable) - ghettoVCB

Yes, we are moving things around a little, this is in preparation for ASG v3…


I knew you would find a way for us to spend money. 8)
Veeam free version does what we need. I also have NovaStor Essentials which will replicate VM’s but is slower than Veeam. The advantage of the GUI programs is usability for the non-ITers, easier to make screen shots for them.
I will follow your idea to increase the archive when we get ready to cut over.
When you go to 3.0 try not to break anything :slight_smile:

“I knew you would find a way for us to spend money” - if I didn’t think it would make you life easier we wouldn’t have built it :slight_smile: Use thereof is optional…

3.0 is a restructure of the usability not the architecture (we did that in v2) so you’ll be getting a shiny new interface that makes more sense and is quicker and easier to use. We’ll also be adding in a couple of new features to make life even easier for the overworked, underpaid, stressed-out sysadmin.

Please advise process/link to increase archive size.


Log into your account on
Click on the My Account button
Click on the Antispam Gateway link under ‘Enabled Services’ (left hand side)
Click on Add New Subscription link (top right)
In the list of dropdown boxes uncheck the base pack of 1 domain 5 users (topmost dropdown)
Select the amount of archive space required from the bottom dropdown
Complete the Customer Information section
Accept the Ts & Cs
Click the Continue button
Complete the transaction on the next page



One of the most important option which is currently not present in ASG is ability to re deliver emails from,

  1. incoming log - important specially if a user has misplaced an email
    2 from “rejected” outgoing log - very important incorrectly spam rated outgoing emails.