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Hi all,

We get a few feature/enhancement requests from time to time which we are going to put in this thread.

If you have a feature/enhancement request please submit it here.

A way for end users to submit spam or not spam via email

Blacklisting/whitelisting emails and domains via email - DONE, well via release/blacklist/whitelist requests


Please see my reply to your other post.

Out of curiosity though, why do you want to report “not spam”? You can submit spam by saving the message as an eml file and uploading it to us. Agreed this is quite cumbersome and we are working on improvements.

Whitelisting and blacklisting is already a one-click operation form within a users quarantined items list and from the administrator’s quarantine list so that is job done. Blacklisting domains (i.e. *@domain.whatever) is a work in progress and will be available soon.


Yeah that was kind of my reasoning behind asking. A system that works without having to leave the email client. Possibly from the reporting system like does it. I dont see anything in the quarantine. Nothing has been marked as spam yet, which to me looks like I would not be able to blacklist from the quarantine.

In regards to the not spam its in relation to the ones that the system is unsure of.

Is there a way to do an LDAP sync with an Exchange server? I may have missed it. It would be nice to keep Exchange/Active Directory in sync with the gateway users. Other services I have tried do an LDAP query directly in and we open a firewall port for their IP’s, or have an application that runs on a schedule to export and import.


Also, as an additional request, being able to see the subject of an email in the log files would be helpful. Sometimes you can find out a lot about a message just from the subject.

:slight_smile: DONE :slight_smile:

As an admin I can go into the admin panel and modify the whitelist/blacklist. If nothing is in the quarantine I cannot add it to a list. Example a spam gets to a user mailbox so is not in the quarantine I can do nothing there. The user HAS to save the file locally in a specific format, log into the web panel to report it as spam and upload it.

Why not make the log the central point of management where I could click on a log entry and get more details and manage that particular email by blacklisting/whitelisting the address or its domain and the option to release it if its blocked?

:slight_smile: DONE :slight_smile:

Hi scott2020,

We are working on LDAP synchronisation and expect it will be operational by mid February. We won’t be going down the in-server application road so we are experimenting with “pull” methods whereby our ASG servers open a secure tunnel to your servers, log in as a user with minimal rights, compares usernames and retrieves modifications and then logs out again.

You will be able to schedule this and of course we will be logging all these transactions.

Subject-line request submitted to the development queue, thanks for that.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi xboxg2,

Agree completely with your opinion on the spam reporting method, it used to annoy me too before I came to Comodo and it is one of the items in the development list which I am hoping to have done by mid-February’s release.

Agree as well about management via the log but this is more architectural in nature as the log is just a display of transactions, there is no meat behind it. We are changing this but are doing so inline with an overhaul of the UI so that features, functions and reports are more coherent. It would be good to have this done by the Feb release but we may have to roll this over to March’s release.


So any plans on allowing users to request blacklisting “from nothing”?
I mean, so far the only way for a user to request blacklisting is if a message has been quarantined. DONE thorough user’s ASG portal. user can create a blacklisted sender.

What about a message that bypassed the antispam?
How can a user and/or domain admin user can request blacklisting when a spam was not quarantined? See above :slight_smile:

Hi w-e-v,

Working backwards…

What about a message that bypassed the antispam? How can a user and/or domain admin user can request blacklisting when a spam was not quarantined?
  • Report Spam? (I know the current method isn’t great but we are fixing that)
So any plans on allowing users to request blacklisting "from nothing"? I mean, so far the only way for a user to request blacklisting is if a message has been quarantined.
  • Forward the email to the admin and ask that the admin blacklists that address (not scalable across excessive environments but the only other way would be to allow the user access to their own log files and allow them to “request release/blacklist/whitelist” directly from those log files. This means making the log files interactive…)

Let me think on this one for a while though, there may be a better solution.


That would request a user to login to the console and do a search (many users are not experienced on how to do a simple search) and obviously look within the results to do the request.

I guess for a user would be much easier to be able to login to the console and go to a section where it says: request blacklisting, so the user type the email address there and the admin would authorize or reject the request. Simple, fast and convenient, isn’t it?


I would prefer if the user could do it directly from the mail client as they are already logged in to that :slight_smile: As I have mentioned in a previous post to xboxg2, accessing quarantined items directly from the quarantine report is something that’s on the “to-do” list once we overhaul the architecture of ASG so there is no reason why we can’t add a “Request…” option into that new architecture or display a full log of a user’s email (only that user) transactions so that the user can click on a log entry then click on a “Request blacklist” option.

This will also remove some of the administrative burden from the mail admin.


Thanks for the reply Michel,

Downside is that there are many mail clients under different OS.

The option to request blacklisting online (not from quarantine list) through the console its always a plus, for 2 good reasons:

  1. Software dependency (not good)
    Users will have to install something, and the real wonder of ASG: protection with no software, plugins, etc to install anywhere.

  2. Further development
    Devs will have to develop and maintain the mail client software plugins for many mail clients under different OS (including mobile devices).

not necessarily :slight_smile:

I’m interested to see it :slight_smile:

Another request:

Please make CASG console available for android browser, because right now its showing blank.

Create a user option to selectively allow them to handle their own quarantined messages (releae, white/black list).


:slight_smile: DONE - see Permissions in Incoming Users :slight_smile:

Add the ability for the administrator to choose whether users should get email alerts telling them that there is a new item in their quarantine box - add a link to the quarantine box in that email. Notice should contain sender’s name and subject

:slight_smile: DONE :slight_smile:

Excellent service, I’m still in the free baby tier ;D

I have a few suggestions.
The ability to classify something as spam from the Log, because I can see some Spam items marked as unsure, but no way to make them spam.

Mostly DONE. User can report spam directly from their mail-backup archive

Also it would be great to see in the logs what spam rating/threshold each email got this would make setting an intelligent threshold level much easier.

Hi matale,

We are already in the process of developing the ability to report spam directly from the logs but this requires some architectural changes so it may take a while.

I really like the spam rating suggestion and will add it in to the roadmap.


Hello Comodo,

First off, note that we are a small business (5 users) who had been using SEP for over 7 years which kept “hogging” our server resources and was a nightmare to upgrade every year… Now that we have switched to you guys, we can only say thank you for your great service!

Now, would it be possible to add the functionality to sort the “Reason” column in the quarantine? This would make cleaning out the quarantine simpler as we could quickly delete all spam emails with “Spam DNSBL” or “Spam External Match” (typically have 100% accurate) and concentrate on reviewing only the emails with other reasons such as “Spam Combined of 0.9” or “Badly formed header” which can be emails that are expected to get through.

Alternatively, some type of query and selection system to delete Spam emails from the quarantine quickly or anything that you could do to simplify reviewing and deleting over 20 pages a week of SPAM in the quarantine would be much appreciated…


:slight_smile: DONE :slight_smile: