Please refer a friend! Its very important to us. Thank you

we are on it.


Hi there, I am really happy with Comodo firewall and think it is THE best one to use!

I play an online game called World of Warcraft and I had my account keylogged before, lost so much stuff :cry: back then I didn’t have a clue about security and only had a Windows Firewall in place. I did A LOT of research and every review and PC mag seemed to recomend Comodo as the best free firewall. I got it and (2 years later) haven’t had any problems since!

I will write a recomendation on the WoW forums about Comodo too. In the securtiy articles on their forums players seem to recomend Zone Alarm a lot and I think Comodo is better than Zone Alarm as it does a more complete job and by the reviews I read passed many more hacking tests.

This is what I recomend for best protection:- COMODO Firewall!!! - Firefox web browser with no script addon - Malware Bites scanner - Avast scanner - COMODO Virus Scanner (free with firewall) All = VERY safe Computer!

Hope this will help and thanks for providing a great service.

I have been using your firewall (version database version3.0) for years and have promoted your software to all my friends. Thanks a bunch! You folks make good stuff.

Hello, this is my first time posting as you will see (:NRD) but I freelance often in fixing computers and I allways install Comodo to “clients” and whole my family and all my friends are using it, thanks for awsome programs :■■■■ (:CLP)

Thank you Aleksis!


Just as Aleksis, I work on lots of friends’ computers and I made certain to install and configure COMODO properly on each one. They mostly need the firewall component, while I use non-invasive on-demand antivirus scanners to keep their computers clean (they do have SOME security awareness).

So far I’m overjoyed with the performance of the Firewall.

You guys keep doing a great job, and I’ll keep spreading the word. (:WIN)

Thanks Sett…really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Yes I am pushing out to my friends and family members. It is a great product.
I have actually recommend it to my manager, and installed it on his laptop, but I am looking forward to a review from av-comparative and other reviews (such as cnet, zdnet, pcdownloads etc) that can make up a strong support for my belief in your product to make my manager to even try in on our workstation.

Thank you!


who can tell me why “refer a friend” does not work on my msn at China? :frowning:

Well I have been doing it since I started using CIS…

I have recommended it to 2 of my friends…

one didn’t liked it while the oher hasn’t replied how he felt about CIS but I think he prefer AVG or Avast…

welll I can’t do anything more in their case but that won’t stop m from spreading the word. I will be telling my other friends too about CIS…

I agree with v941726, this forum needs to get a little more organised…

Otherwise CIS hasn’t given me a reason to complain…

Sorry comodo, I can’t refer friends or anyone I know to comodo until it passes my stringent security and usability criteria and so far comodo has more work to do. I really hope that with V4 usability will be 100X better and if that is the case I shall start to recommend it.

Here’s a tip - if you’re emailing your friends about Comodo products, please provide your endorsement of our product, of course. Now you can also now send a link to one of our videos about the product you’re recommending if you’d rather not write a lengthy description of what it does and how it works!

For example, here’s the video for Comodo Internet Security - you can just cut and paste it into your e-mail!

You will find a video for just about every product or service Comodo offers at Comodo.TV

I use comodo firewall for my clients systems. I plan to resell comodo products to all my small business clients. Love the products you guys have…

I shall on top of all my other efforts, show my friends and explain the benefits (refer) in order to convert more of them. >:-D

Already did it.2 friends from work and one relative have already signed up to use Comodo products :slight_smile:

Thank you KennyR, we really appreciate it.



Please refrain from spewing nonsensical, accusative, posts all over the Forum.

I have seen your posts, and your singular situation with an uninstall gone awry Does Not = Spyware.

So you have some attention now :P0l Be Nice Please.

Re: your uninstall problem see that thread soon.


ive been referring cis for about a year…although the popups are a big issue…im already pushing for when it comes out cuz i believe in you guys