Please refer a friend! Its very important to us. Thank you

Please Please Please

Refer a Friend. We have built the technology to make it easy for you to refer a friend.

In order to create a more secure and trusted Internet and PCs we have to get the word out to everyone. Our products are free, which means we can’t advertise, unlike other companies who makes billions of dolllars. So we need you to help us spread the word!

Please Refer a Friend.

We thank you!


I’ll realy be glad to do it … but still waiting for CFP 3 french version (:AGY)!
Most of my potential contact don’t realy speak English !!
ASAP the French version will be issued be sure I’ll do it 'cause I’m satisfied with CFP !!


Thanks Bubux, as soon as CIS is out of the way we can concentrate on the multi languages.

Man, now all my family/friends know what nicknames I gave em! :o

hehe :slight_smile: Thanks disinter1

Can we please please please keep telling your friends and use our tool to inform them!

We don’t have $billions to spend on advertising because unlike other companies we don’t charge you for top notch software! So we rely on your good word! Please get the word out and use our tool to email your friends! its too simple not to do!

Thank you very very much!


I tried to spread the word to all my friends but only one is interesting in computer security (and he uses 2.4 only, because his low-performance) (:SAD). And my brother-in-law is using version 3. Sorry I couldn’t do more… :-\ :frowning:

Thanks for trying anyway :slight_smile:


I used the tool and sent the auto email to 12 Gmail contacts and about 10 yahoo contacts. Hope they read the email and install CFP :-TU (R)

Thank you Goose18! :slight_smile:


With Comodo offering all the great products they offer for free… Its the least us users can do (B)

I can’t…because my friend almost are chinese,

They need chinese version of CIS…

And they will get that, sooner or later…

I have already recommended Comodo to all of my Internet Friends. Five of them use Comodo and are happy with it. I will tell them to recommend to ppl they know.

PS: English is an international language (:WIN)

thank you blackkatt


I always posting the comodo products in other forums and i recomend to them (V)

Bleeping Computer have a very usefull section on various tutorials
I have just posted there suggesting a tutorial for CIS
Should get to about 10,000 people
One turn deserves another
Thanks Melih

Thanks Rambo.

really appreciate it.


if i may, and this isn’t criticism, i have been beta testing comodo and online armor for about 2 years. online armor does have extreme simplicity and i prefer it. some clients and myself use 64bit windows. oa doesn’t support it yet and i try to tell them they will lose out because obviously we are already 64 bit for the most part. i think they are crazy. i mean, we went 8bit to 16 to 32 and now 64.

anyway, my point is is that i recommend comodo to 64 bit clients and oa to 32 bit clients. so i guess in a way i have been recommending you and installing your products for at least 2 years and will continue to do so. even though i give the edge (personally) to oa i definitely give you the 64bit nod. hope this doesn’t sound pretentious but i am a huge software tester always seeking the best.

First of all thank you for your support.

having a 64bit support requires a large R&D budget.

we would love to hear from you what you would like to see in our product that would make you say: this is now simple enough to recommend to my clients.

We are building these products for our users and their input is the priority for us. Look forward to your feedback.

thank you


At the risk of appearing to beat a dead horse ;), I second that emphatically. I personally don’t mind the English, but almost all the people I could recommend CIS to only speak French. Please, pretty please, publish the translation tools asap.

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