Please refer a friend! Its very important to us. Thank you

I always REFERRED a friend when it comes to CIS since the beginning.

Many FILIPINOS are using CIS and enjoy it’s power pack combination with Comodo Secure DNS on it…

:comodo110: :comodo110: :comodo110:
:comodo110: :comodo110: :comodo110:
:comodo110: :comodo110: :comodo110:

I read your other topic and that system had a rootkit present. Many weird thing may happen with malware on a system. So,please don’t ■■■■ up your experience to one of general interest.

all what i wrote are results out of a long and full using of cis. i like cis. but after a while i found some points, which i thought i could tell here. nonsense and accusing, thats a bit hard interpretation of my posts.

if i wouldnt like cis, i wouldnt write HERE, to make the points clear and maybe solveable.

my intention was to help to make cis a better product AND to let users with problems have a answer that maybe helps them. if you look again “in my posts”, maybe you see that.

btw, adware doesnt mean spyware :wink:

CIS is ad-supported and not adware: .


Thanks for your support.

My earlier post was just a warning, to not “go down that road”. Where it “appeared” you were heading.

Good intentions were muddled with bad translations.

I have responded to your PM, you’re a good man. We’re all good now and moving forward. (:KWL)



See the link below. Maybe you can contact google for further cooperation,such as list your free softwares in their bucket. It’s better for both of you. Try it.


I sent emails to most of my friends and also posted a lot of the comdo tv clips to twitter,facebook, and myspace melih has a new good one out. :slight_smile:

Thank you! much appreciate it.


I have friends they think if they have an av they are malware free. I recomanded them cis. But they use the computer only for games, IM and music 88). I don’t now if they will read my email because they dont read email and if they will read it i think they will not install cis.

Sorry, but I tried. :-TU

Thanks to Catalin P and pykko I use now Comodo. They recommanded it to me and telled me about this forum. When I asked Pykko what firewall to use he sayed only comodo. I asked for another one but he sayed comodo. Then I tried Comodo.

I just send it on over 20 email addresses. I hope that they will open eyes like I did and download Comodo!!! :wink:

ty languy99 i ask him on youtube what would be the best anti-virus for my pc and he tell me to use comodo

Of course, which other can compare with Comodo?

have told all my friends on facebook 100+ hope that helps

every little bit helps!
thank you very much!


I found one more way to advertise Comodo!
I opened a new blog and named it jovan111p, Comodo Blog. I put link of Blog to each signature on every forum and tracker!
Nothing is difficult if we help the right people!


excellent thank you!


Put the link here so we can see your blog!! :-TU

Look at my signature!

Lmao thanks I did not read that far down … ohhhhhhhhhh said the blind man.

I Recommended it to all my Co-Workers , Also I told my friends about this best product . I really happy & satisfy to have this best product .
Thanks a lot for your best efforts .

Thank you very much!