Please add a direct download link section under our COMODO account webpage


Problems description:

(1) I cant chose which version of CIS I want to download (CIS complete) on the CIS sale website and neither from my COMODO account. (See pictures links below).

(2) The same applies for Geek Buddy (full “Red version” with a scan for PC diagnostic with the option to send the results by opening a Geek Buddy session VS the lightweight “Turquoise version” with only a text enter field to chat and a send button).

(3) The same applies for Trust Connect which sometimes install alongside CIS (depending which version of the AV I used) and I remember times where it wouldnt install alongside with CIS and I unfortunatly couldnt find the download link for the software.

Here are pictures showing the issue:

Suggestions / fixes wished for:

It’d be very helpful (and highly due in my opinion) to add direct download links inside the COMODO account website for softwares with actives subscription instead of relying on somewhat hidden blog left by users who also want the same feature!

Here’s the webpage of the blog I’m refering to:

Here’s a picture of the improvement requested:

Finding one if those link shouldnt be the holy grial in 2022.

Thank you


Hi burialfaith,

Thank you for reporting.
Please refer the below link to download CIS pro v12.2.4.8032.
Please refer the below link to download CIS free v12.2.2.8012.;msg906599#msg906599
However we will take your suggestions to the team notice and update you.