Persistent Screen problem, BIOS malware

Hi, I have a persistent problem because of a screen deformation of clarity that remain even when I reformat entirely the partition of the system for a new installation and that is shown also from the bios side. Some months before the screen was clean but the problem started gradually from a little part until it cover nearly all the surface of the screen. I joint the screen photo. Thank You for the help!.

Unfortunately from the screenshot and your notes this looks very much like hardware failure rather than software.

It seems to be either the screen, inverter or graphics chip.

I am not sure actually but what seem to me is that this machine had not any significant problem

Hi Nordine,

I think it doesn’t seem to be caused only by CIS. Please check whether the screen problem occurs only when CIS is enabled, if so kindly share us the CIS version and windows version. :-TU

If the screen looks the same when the BIOS is loaded we are looking at a hardware issue. Then it is not a virus.

This has not relation at all to CIS as it had been existing already before its installation.
I suppose it is a malware that reside in the BIOS interface of the computer and it can not be a hardware deficiency because the effect of light is constantly changing it began only with light then it added darkness.

This is 99.9999% a hardware issue. Is your laptop still under warranty? If it is please invoke the warranty with its vendor.

Thank you for the advice but this just mean there is no solution for the BIOS infections, however it is also the opinion of the manufacturer community. But still I have the impression it is not a hardware physical problematic of the pc.

BIOS viruses are very rare and the symptoms I see are very very likely, 99.99999%, a hardware issues.

To rule out it is a BIOS virus flash the BIOS. If the graphical glitches still appear directly after flashing when your system first enters the BIOS after the mandatory then you know it is a hardware issue.

Thank you for this information about Flashing the BIOS i had no idea I just learned this on a article, so I will try to find a program to test this suggestion.
What is “Flashing the BIOS”?
(What is “Flashing the BIOS”? « Super User Blog)

Hello again, I had searched for a solution to flash the Bios and theoretically I had found the answer at the manufacturer website which consist just of the keyboard uses but the problem the keys combination had not worked for me, so I have not a solution to initialize the BIOS to its default state, farther that I can see the malware program when it start.

Now I just update the BIOS using a download but actually this do not resolve the problem and the screen remain perverted by the effects of lights and shades.

This proves you have a hardware issue. This is not a virus. If the system is still under warranty please invoke the warranty or have a person knowledgeable look at the system.

Is this a laptop or a desktop computer? If it is a system with an onboard graphics solution then the solution might be to buy a new one. Although I have seen people on youtube do funky things with certain on board NVIDIA chips but that is only for advanced users and after making back up of data etc.

EricJH is most likely right.

It has the clear signs of a faulty display.

Your HP laptop has a faulty (broken) display panel. Most likely it has been sat on, leant on or trodden near the bottom left corner (where the darkest area of the deformation is).

This is not a virus, BIOS or otherwise.

I’ve never seen a laptop screen do this spontaneously or have it caused by software (malware or otherwise)- LED and LCD screens simply do not malfunction in this manner. This is simply a screen that has been physically damaged.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Good graphics of talented designers! beautiful things.
My problem is truly hardware deterioration but it is all made of a software installation and this thing is effectively ruled from a remote place as I witness the manifestation of the actor every time I use this notebook, evil intervention for no reasons and it is really preventing continuity of life.

Please, at least consider the possibility that you have two separate and unrelated problems;

  1. You might have an infection of some sort on your laptop


  1. Your screen is definitely broken.

Yes it is this, two aspects of infection, thank you! even though I consider it is just the same because both the inconvenient had started at the same time. So it seem there is no possible solution to remove this problem using the anti malware solutions, I have thought of some ways using a predefined script that restart the computer and verify its integrity.

I think you have misread or misinterpreted my answer.

What I was trying to say was “Someone sat, leant, stepped on or dropped something on your laptop and broke the display panel”.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Your statement is “Your screen is definitely broken” I understand but it is not what I witness because it is an effect that shift from state to state and sometimes it target Windows functionalities therefore I suppose it is someone using remotely a malware, else it is a thing also that may spreed over the network as I witness inconvenient dis-functionalities on my phone.

In my consideration it is not two separate infections but only a one, therefore it originate in my view from the same malware. Thank You sir for your time!