Persistent Screen problem, BIOS malware

I am with Panic and others this is a hardware issue.

In case of doubt it does not hurt to scan the computer with multiple scanners to see if you have malware. That’s what will provide answers instead of deliberating what it could be. Your deliberations are getting in the way of testing your hypothesis.

Ok sir many thanks to You, and to the people of the community, good day to all!

If you want to scan try the following scanners:
Comodo Cleaning Essentials (start it from KillSwitch: Monitor Software, Manage Software, Computer Security Tools | Internet Security )
TDSS Killer (rootkit scanner)
Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Super Antispyware Free version

Thanks for your patience on this issue.

There is one very, very simple method to determine if this is a hardware issue and I (LOL and every one trying to help you) really should have mentioned this earlier.

If you connect your laptop to an external monitor and the problem does not appear on the external monitor then it is very definitely a hardware problem with the display panel on your laptop.

My apologies for not thinking of this sooner.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I just have connected a external monitor and the screen is very clean so I suppose it is manifestly a hardware problem.
Although I have doubts because of the malicious interventions, for example close of applications or windows, changes of the screen calibration at the moment of redaction also the obstruction to use the graphic softwares, lose of connection without any possibility of reconnection, total freeze of the screen, move and hide of the cursor.

Now I will try the suggested scanners.

How long do those freezes last?

The freezes last nearly 2 minutes and happen maybe three times or two. for the results of the scans all the scanners had detected not any form of malware and this actually what was expected because the OS had been just reinstalled on a formatted disk.

Freezes that long typically indicate the presence of one or more problematic sectors on your hard drive. Could you check your hard drive with CrystalDiskInfo and post a screenshot? Please resize the screen of CDI to show all parameters when making the screenshot.

When you reformatted the hd did you do a quick format or a full (long) format?

I am not certain about the use of this tool.

Second benchmark

You have downloaded CrystalDiskMark instead of CrystalDiskInfo.

Get CDI from here:
Downloading File /71411/CrystalDiskInfo8_2_3.exe - CrystalDiskInfo - OSDN .

CDI will show the SMART parameters of your hard drive that I want to check.

Sorry, here the screenshot of the CrystalDiskInfo.

Thank you for the screenshots. Your hard drive is fine. The freezes up to two minutes you described often indicate Windows is trying to read a bad sector. That would have shown up with parameters C4 and C5 and 05.

Just to be certain about the timeline of things. Did those freezes only occur before reformatting the, only after the reformat or both before and after?

The freezes happened also before the format of the disk, actually the freezes are only a part of the problem as I cited before, and the question is seriously about all the bad interventions in the computer of which the behavior show clearly an intelligible conduct, I may add to the examples the removing of some files and restrictive intervention in the scripts of websites exercises where it is clearly shown a pairing with external server. It is a very questioning thing and especially about the nature of the actor and the way it access to the computer.

I am still inquiring hard driver related issues. So I need you to check the Windows Event logs as described in this ]url=]article[/url]. Look for events with a red icon. I am only interested to learn if there are log entries where Windows reports it has difficulties reading sectors. I need you to disregard other log entries, like f.e. about DCOM, and stay focused because you have a wandering mind.

I just searched for this information with no trace of the word sector.
I suppose it is a difficult task to determine this problematic that seem only of the domain of virtual, so there is no wander, its origin maybe just explained with the given possibilities, and this maybe a direct linkage to a network, private or organism using the computer id, so I understand it is satellite technology similar to the cellular phone’s, so it is not problematic it is governmental domain, I suppose it has reasons and I suppose it is abusive. I understand this because the phenomenon appear also without connection.