Official Windows 11 compatibility for Free Firewall and CIS

1. What actually happened or you saw:
When running Comodo Free Firewall on Windows 11, for various users this causes a range of problems. Basically seems like a hit or miss situation.
Probably caused by the fact that the most recent version was released on March 28, 2021.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Comodo Free Firewall to be fully compatible with Windows 11, with an ETA for a new version to be launched.
Or an official statement that Comodo is no longer working on Free Firewall and/ord CIS, so that your userbase knows to look for an alternative.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Optimal security provided by Comodo on Windows 11.
And clarity for your userbase what (not) to expect, as ‘beeing worked on’ is no longer acceptable after 1,5 year…

4. Any other information:

Hi DonGaz,

Thank you for reporting.
The CIS is in development process and the team is aware of your concern.
We will keep you posted.


Thank you for confirming that CIS is still in development.

Personally, however, I feel that more information than ‘we will keep you posted’ should be shared with your end users.
Many people are already using Windows 11, or are planning to upgrade to Windows 11, and security is key for every operating system.
Is there an ETA (quarter or maybe even month)?

Thank you

Your fully justified question has been asked here again and again by different people over the last two years. Unfortunately the mods appear to know just as much as us users when it comes to the current state of CIS development. Either that, or they are not authorized to give out any potentially new information. Yes, I am speculating, just like all the other users do. That is all left to us, since Comodo itself has not released any information, other than the occasional “still working on it” sigh

it feels like an abandoned product and the company is ashamed to speak of… it feels like that. sadly. I remember the comodo slogan: “creating trust online”… how to trust these days?

I am sorry you are asking for something he cannot give.

Also the moderators have no idea if a release will actually happen ever.

The recent Pro release was just a change of date, maybe minor changes but nothing else.


The lack of a decent answer is also an answer…

For me security is all about managing risks. And a software company abandoning their product and/or keeping their userbase in the dark is also a risk.
It is up to every user to decide when this risk is no longer acceptable. But for me this is now.

So if Comodo does not come with official information - either when a new version is coming or whether the product is abandoned - I’m simply moving to another product.

It always has been your choice.

For me I wiill continue to use CIS on my partners computer until a certain person posts it has failed.


Same for me
I have always been attached to this method of protection of CIS and I wish that it continues through a new version to come
The Comodo Staff mentions “The project is not abandoned” this is the best answer for me currently while waiting for confirmation of an online publication

Yup :-TU


The program is still being developed on the Enterprise side and hopefully this will cascade down to CIS soon as unfortunetly I now have a second machine with Windows 11 that has ground to a halt with CIS installed and so had to uninstall it and now sit with fingers crossed without the protection CIS brings.

:THNK We can only wait patiently

Regarding Windows 11 22H2 compatibility with third-party protection software does not seem obvious

Security by default With Windows 11 version 22H2, we are enabling additional features and increasing the number of devices that have security enabled by default. Devices with 8th Generation and above Intel chipsets will have Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) and Hypervisor Protected Code Integrity (HVCI) enabled by default. For devices running Windows 11 Enterprise, we're also enabling Windows Defender Credential Guard , using virtualization-based security to dramatically increase protection against operating system vulnerabilities and prevent the use of malicious exploits that attempt to circumvent the protections.

Smart App Control
Windows 11 addresses everyone’s data security and privacy concerns with the introduction of Smart App control, a feature to block applications that are not from a trusted source or potentially harmful. The function relies on algorithms to check the overall behavior of applications, looking for actions that they are not supposed to do, or whose succession would resemble the behavior of malicious code. Smart App Control is based on Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC), whose control elements are updated daily, similar to malware signatures in Windows Defender.

What Comodo CIS must take into account under penalty of being rejected I think
For Windows 10 22H2 everything works fine on my side with CIS 8012

My 2 x machines have not yet been offered the 22H2 update and are still on 21H2 so appears to have been another update has caused the issue. I have had another program be affected by the TLS issues with the October 2022 updates and wonder if somehow has affected CIS.

I might try a reinstall in a few days / weeks on one machine to see if the out-of-band update that has been released has fixed the issue, if not patience is a virtue :-TU

Is there a reason the site does not advertise CIS premium anymore? I was told by one of your Chat Support executives that all the mishaps will be taken care of very soon, and it’s been more than a year since

May I know how Comodo defines the word “soon”?

well there are in my opinion 2 or 3 possibilities

1: the bugs are so deep rooted that the whole program/project has to be new designed= similar like the new design of the CPU chips after finding spectre/meltdown.
2: they want us to buy the premium comodo firewall with antivirus, which has a higher version number compared to the cIS versnumber.
3: CIS like many other programs/project is now discontinued.
4: the origin devos left, and the new ones can not really handle it…
either way even if we enjoyed the product for free , we gave allso feedbacks about errors/bugs/glitches etc and so on and therefore I believe we should get more info about eta or what really is going on. some will even buy pay version if comodo would have the honesty to say cis is over … and if its not over give us a timedate 1-2 and now even the 3rd year without update/fix will start soon… Iam rlly tiered pls… give us more infos … and if you self have not such …pls ask higher tiers…

As far as we should get more maybe, but as it is free no

It always has been your choice.

For me I wiill continue to use CIS on my partners computer until a certain person posts it has failed.


Same for me as long as the interprocess developed by Comodo protects my PC against zero day
Tomorrow will be different, so I’m waiting to see…

5 days ago I got Win10 22H2. As usual, cis runs smoothly on pc, too.
Protection: I feel safe furthermore: “No malicious elements were detected on your system!”

My pc isn’t compatible with Win11. But it runs with multiple programs open e.g. image editing with extensive software like DxO, capture one, pdf editing with secure shopping open and cis runs and runs. So I do not need a new pc and with cis - just great. Still no malware - that’s what matters most to me. In the meantime, hackers have moved on quite a bit, though. :wink: No sleepers on my PC either.

Personally I haven’t had any reports of issues with CF on Windows 11 (nor have any problems arisen on my systems). But the trick may be to keep it simple and not to add any “tweaks” to the settings to take care of things that may be more an issue of perception than reality.

As far as the lack of program updates is concerned, the AV database certainly has kept up. Although definitely not a Kaspersky, it has recently caught malware (by definition) that were missed by Sophos and Windows Defender (Magniber, OctoCrypt, and a couple of data stealers).

The Containment module still works swimmingly. Perhaps an update for it may be indicated in the future once malware writers figure out how to breach it (God knows I haven’t and trust me I’ve tried).


cis is stable, but updates help the publicize…