Now you can buy Comodo Merchandise!!!

Here is the Comodo merchandise

Long awaited but worth the wait merchandise!! :slight_smile:

Go ahead and enjoy it!

Also looking for more ideas about what kind of stuff we should put into our merchandise.


Comodo anti-leak MUG :Beer (:LGH)

To the last drop :Beer

Page cannot be found…

Just checked - working ok.

Definately putting a few of these on my Birthday List for October!

I am sure Ganda will go for the Teddy Bear, so that he can put his voodoo needles in it :Beer

Greetz, Red.

There a bit dull who designed this stuff Dracula!! all blood red and black,wheres the Comodo shield? i think that is the icon most people associate the company with. Also how about,say 1$ from every 50$ going to a charity,that could get you some publicity and would be a nice jesture. I didnt see a mouse mat on there,maybe you could say spend over 20$ get a free mouse mat.
Then there`s a baseball cap/wooly hat/one of them things with corks on for Ewen(these are just off the top of my head) bum bum ;D



It looks like panic was right!;msg150008#msg150008
:o :o :o

I think the coffee mug would be great as I often sit with a mug of coffee in front of the computer, but ordering it all the way from USA to Sweden with our rediculous currency, with the risk of getting the mug in pieces…Nah… (:TNG)

I’ll make this Thread a sticky ;D


No big deal, but the site’s ssl certificate should have been comodo 88)

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I wonder why Comodo chose cafepress. There are great opensource shopping cart scripts which you could have based the store off of.

My favorite is OpenCart

I chuckle on the Teddy Bear.
…Comodo Loves me.

(:LGH) Ha…ha… Nice one!

Anyway, I would like to buy a white t-shirt with small Comodo shield positioned at the top-left (as in heart position).
And a small red note below it, stated: Comodo User.

I think that kind of shirt would make us (Comodo user), really proud.
I’ll definitely gonna wear that t-shirt around in our IT center. (It’s like a super mall, where you can buy anything IT related. Just like Akihabara in Japan)

EDIT: Click larger view first
^ In one of the pictures it shows a guy wearing it… Is he wearing it back to front? lol. Because there is no comodo picture on that shirt


Two of the latest creations by ol’ REBOL O0


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Awesome REBOL ! ;D Really nice :-TU

That girl is protected for sure ;D

That girl is protected for sure Grin

Well, protected…yes, of course.

But seemingly:


Maybe I should have added that line to the shirt design…ehehe


And now, I’m having myself some pints at the famous

well I think that girls is burning…the firewall makes her hot!.. (:WIN)

This new version comes with a somewhat clearer definition of what this HIPS hype is all about:


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