I don’t think so. If you’ve enabled the “Disable on this page only” option, ABP will be turned off. It won’t be filtering anything on that page.

To see if ABP is truly disabled on the page, look at the color of the icon. If the icon is gray, ABP is not filtering.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, you can use the “Open blockable items” feature to see which filters are blocking which items on any given webpage. Anything listed in red is being blocked.

It looks like we’ve both come to the same conclusion that it’s the Filters (not Adblock Plus or No Script) which are blocking Legsandco Blogspot’s Blogger search engine.

Unfortunately, I still can’t revive the search bar for some reason, despite clicking on “Disable on this page only” and I can’t find an option to allow Blogger filters to lift the blocking.

How do I retain the filters but allow the search bar to display?, and

Does Fanboy or Easylist give the best results?

I want to find a balance with filters but being able to unblock facilities, where they’re affected. Mostly they aren’t, but puzzlingly, the search bar still is during my own attempts.

Is it normal for several web sites to appear blank until you click on the web site link in the bar and press enter and for several sites to require both Request Policy and No Script to (temporarily) allow sites being visited?

While they both have good uses, it’s time consuming having to keep giving permissions to two programs per site and navigation is slowed down along the way.

When using applications like Noscript and Requestpolicy, you really have to spend time creating a white-list and making sure you keep a backup, in case you have to reinstall or create a new profile. Unfortunately, it can be a bit painful getting to the point where things work without constant intervention. This is probably the main reason people give up using these add-ons. However, patients has it’s rewards.

I know this was directed at Radaghast, but as I mentioned previously, if you’ve disabled ABP on the page, it is turned off. The filters won’t be blocking anything.

Filter preference is up to the user. I use Easylist+EasyPrivacy because Fanboy’s filters didn’t used to be optimized for best performance, (he had a lot of very general (slow) filters on his lists) but this has very likely changed. I know his filters are popular.

And as I also mentioned, it’s very easy to see exactly what is being blocked on a page in ABP, as well as which filter is doing the blocking. With that information, it’s not difficult to either modify a filter, disable a filter, or create an exception for the filter.

It depends on whether or not the site has a redirect. If there is a redirect, the page will be mostly blank except for a prompt asking whether or not you want to allow the redirect.

As with any security option, convenience comes at the cost of security. Yes, there is setup involved with both products.

I’ll have to keep this in mind.

It’s just that, while I have sites I regularly visit, which would benefit most from Whitelists, I also do random web site visits, which would make it very time consuming to add Whitelists for all of them.

I’m not sure how to make back-ups of these facilities.

I’m happy to stick with the add-ons, but desperately want to unblock the search bar. Despite invaluable advice from each of you, it’s still blocked for some reason.

I have disabled ABP on the page, but the search bar on Legsandcoblogspot is still blocked.

All of the filters I’ve installed, both Easylist, EasyPrivacy and Fanboy have Blogger blocks, which is why I’m finding it a struggle to restore the search bar. Logically, this would mean that, if all filters block bloggers that all would have to be removed, but this can’t be the case, as Radaghast still uses them but has succeeded in unblocking the search bar.

Hopefully Fanboy’s filters have improved over time, but despite the invaluable advice each of you have given me to try to restore the search bar, something is still blocking it, so I’m going to have to remove some of the filters, but still can’t guarantee it will make any difference. I don’t want to delete all the filters if I can help it, as this will considerably decrease my security.

I do remember you saying about blocked pages being highlighted in red, but Legsandcoblogspot and Blogger are not among them, so for this reason, it is difficult to modify, disable or create an exception for the filters.

For now, I’ll delete the Fanboy filters and see if this makes any difference, as I’d like to restore the search bar, rather than having to keep using the much less secure Internet Explorer to view it.


If you haven’t already, can you try accessing the site in safe mode:

  1. Select the App button
  2. Select Help/Restart with Addons disabled
  3. You’ll receive a dialogue asking what to do, select Start in Safe Mode
  4. When the browser restarts, access the site and see what you get.

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In addition to FEBE, which is excellent, you can use the Import/Export functions within the addons.

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Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: I’ll look into this.

Meanwhile, as I have “DoNotTrackMe” installed, will an FEBE rebuild reset my statistics?

Not necessarily vital if they were lost, but they’re useful to keep an eye on how many sites I block out.

Where is the App button in question?

I’ll then go into Safe Mode and check to see if the search bar appears and report back to you on the outcome.

I’ve used standard mode for CCleaner and programs in general, but believe Safe Mode is more suitable for certain uses.

I’ll also keep in mind the Import/Export functions for retrieving hard disk drive files.

Meanwhile, despite adding Legsandcoblogspot’s web site to my NoScript Whitelist, no change. The bar is still blocked.

The blue button, top left (see the image I posted)

I'll then go into Safe Mode and check to see if the search bar appears and report back to you on the outcome.

I’ve used standard mode for CCleaner and programs in general, but believe Safe Mode is more suitable for certain uses.

This is just for the browser, nothing else.

These import/export functions simply save the settings from each of the addons.

As there are overlaps between Easylist and Fanboy, and while Fanboy may have improved its speed, for now, I’ve opted to retain Easylist and delete Fanboy.

Ah, now I see how they work. :slight_smile:

The good news is that, upon following your instructions to use IceDragon’s Safe Mode, the Legsandcoblogspot search bar was displayed. :frowning:

The bad news is that, upon restarting my computer and automatically reverting all the Add-Ons to “Enabled” mode, the search bar has disappeared again. :frowning: This is both before and after I deleted the Fanboy filters.

I have double checked and “Display on this page only” is still displayed (with a grey coloured ABP symbol for this site), yet, for some reason, no search bar:

Other than removing all the remaining filters, which may then not necessarily restore the bar, I am back to square one.

Everything being blocked will be listed in red. If those two sites aren’t listed, that is because ABP is not blocking them. You can look elsewhere for the cause of the problem, because ABP is not doing the blocking.

As I’ve said, if you’ve disabled ABP on the page, ABP is turned off. None of the filters are active. You can completely disregard any and all doubt that ABP has anything to do with the issue if it is turned off.

As Easylist and Fanboy overlap, I took a decision to delete one and removed Fanboy, although the search bar dilemma would very likely have still remained if I’d deleted Easylist and retained Fanboy. All the filters list Blogger blocks.

Thanks for clarifying that ABP and the filters aren’t the cause of the search bar blockage. This narrows down the source. I can also rule out Request Policy, as that wasn’t installed until recently, long after the blockage, but Request Policy does block access to the video. I’ve uninstalled it for now.

In that case, this just leaves No Script. This remains a mystery as to the cause, as I’ve since gone through each of the various menus, unticking then reticking various options, still all to no avail. Other than uninstalling No Script, I don’t know how else to restore the search bar.

I do not use NoScript, does the browser need to be restarted for the setting changes to take effect?

I suggest you reset your Noscript whitelst and try again:


This will remove any sites you’ve added previously but it gives a clean slate. As I mentioned before, the only item I’ve had to allow in Noscript is, which you can see in the image.

It may also be worth listing all of the addons you have installed.

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