Norton vrs CIS 5.0

In my opinion, NIS and CIS are equally effective if in the hands of a intermediate/advanced user.

NIS has many pros, including low CPU usage and very little RAM usage. It has many lines of defense including behavior blocking, community reviews (cloud), safeweb, and the traditional antimalware signatures. NIS requires almost NO user interaction and is very effective against malware.

NIS also has a lot of other features such as identity safe and firewall. NIS can also be configured by an expert user to show alerts and notifications, much like CIS. NIS’s user interface has a good tabbed settings menu, and the main screen gives a lot of information (enabled, disabled services, and other features)

CIS is a strong product. Defense+ will block almost everything in the hands of an advanced user. CIS’s firewall is also very good, once again in the hands of an advanced user because of the frequent popups containing complex terminology. CIS is highly configurable and allows almost unlimited amount of customization.

CIS also has it’s drawbacks. CIS has several popups that can be annoying to advanced users and confusing to novices. Defense+ will ask about legitimate processes and programs, causing novice users to block legitimate processes such as iexplore.exe and they’re wonder why their internet doesn’t work. Defense+ popups can confuse users and cause them to click “allow” to malware.

Overall I would say NIS. NIS is more versatile; it can be configured for advanced users (popups), it can be configured for novice users (no popups, automatic blocking), it has a very strong detection rate and many strong lines of defense. CIS is only for advanced users, even if all the alerts are silenced, CIS will still block legitimate applications, making the user wonder what’s wrong. Novice users can use NIS and forget about it (except download InSight). Users just cannot forget about CIS. It has all these confusing popups and if it’s silenced, it’ll block legitimate applications because of it’s inadequate whitelist.

It really depends on how you have it set up.

If my sister and her kids can run CIS, anyone can.

kazza5, I agree with most of what you say. Still, the major difference is that it is possible, although relatively unlikely, to get infected with NIS. It is almost impossible, as in I’ve never heard of it, to get infected with CIS unless you make a poor decision. That is the main difference.

I would recommend NIS for novice users and CIS for intermediate to advanced users. The number of popups for legitimate applications is steadily decreasing and I think if CIS was able to provide different information for novice users it might be completely usable for novice users as well.

Well, that’s my opinion. I felt I had to add the disclaimer. :wink:

I was a novice when I first started using Comodo after Norton 2009 failed and let my computer get infected and I had no problem Using Comodo v3.8. Since then I have recommended Comodo to many ‘novice users’ and none of them had problems running Comodo.

Obviously you have never even run Comodo 2011 otherwise you would know that it is much more user friendly than previous versions. I will agree with you that “Novice users can use NIS and forget about it”…just like I did 2 years ago after Norton failed horribly and allowed Malware on my computer without even detecting it!


Maxxwire i have used CIS 2011 i’v tested every single product you can think of. !ot!

My little cousin can install it and use on her own computer. Didn’t even ask for help. I even checked on it a week later to make sure everything is fine. I don’t see what so challenging

And… how much does CIS cost compared to Norton (initially and yearly)? :wink:

I don’t see the point of this thread (except trollbait).
You can’t talk with NIS users because they think it’s the best protection, even if languy99 proved virus could go through this protection.
And we already know that CIS isn’t as user friendly as NIS, even if they improved it.

So what the point really?
NIS is easier to use, CIS has better protection. Make your choice.

Why would this be troll bait i expect these replies as it’s comodo forums if i made the same thread in symante’s forums i would get all negatives comments about comodo as well so it’s a win win deal. Comodo still has along way to go with usability it still sandboxes major games like W0W and runescape.

He must have virtually nothing installed on the computer or does not download as many as me and my parents do i don’t think a kid can use CIS alerts unless u teach them then i’d believe you.

Now you have just made yourself a shameless liar with no credibility whatsoever!


as I can recall there’s a couple of games on it.

So what the point really? NIS is easier to use, CIS has better protection. Make your choice.

When I installed CIS 5. there were hardly any pop-ups. The ones that did pop-up are the ones that asked permission to go online. Even then it only popped up once (like firefox, java, blablablalba) well…l firefox did have another one but that was the firefox plugin-container

Now you have just made yourself a shameless liar with no credibility whatsoever!



Just use whatever makes you happy whether it’s norton, kaspersky, avira, comodo, etc. It’s not a big deal

My friend is a teacher on computer courses for older people (many of them have got computers). The average age of students on the course is 80 - 85 ( the oldest person 98). When they ask him how they can protect their computers always recommend CIS. He showed them how CIS works, and guess what - they have no specific problem with using it. Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.

This thread will not end well…

hahaha! :smiley: Good one! :-TU

Are you sure that this thread (or few similar ones) re: Symantec vs Comodo were “started well”? heheh!


IMO The workings of CIS internals does seem complicated, but to actually use it is not much different than anything else on the computer. Basic common sense will see you through.

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Hmmmm ?

I’m gonna tell you how this is going to be:
Team Yellow: CIS haz popups!11!!1 It is not for newbs! What is Protected COM interface??!!1
Team Red: CIS is free! CIS protects computer moar than NIS, NIS let malware in!!1!

The end result:

And that shall be known as the end of the internet…

Symantec have spent 20 years developing Norton to it’s present state, whereas CIS is just 2 years old this month.

So what will we be discussing in a year from now?

Other may have, but not this one my friend. ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: