Norton vrs CIS 5.0

Symantec spent 20 years developing several years of resource hog and data mining program, brought to you by



and also

And let’s not forget

Yeah… 20 years of who knows what behind those doors.

A replacement for AV, BB, HIPS and Cloud?

Competition is good.
NIS is good.
CIS is good.
The battle to be the “best” is what drives software forward.

It’s only when emotions barge into discussions like this one that it turns a bit pear shaped.

[at] everyone - please remember that the other person does not have to agree with you. Read and consider what the other side of the argument is saying. Doing so will either make you appreciate his point or solidify your own point of view by examining it closer.

Ewen :slight_smile:

LOL. “You don’t understand honey. I can’t come to bed! SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET!!!”

CIS has the powers to make it user friendly look how many forums members they have. CIS needs to become user friendly a noob will not know what Com interface is. Maxxwire i smell is a troll.

You’re right in one way. There is a certain troll-odour permeating the forums. The identity behind it is the real issue.

I repeat, clause 7.5. :smiley:

Now where I heard that before… ;D
Let me think, let me thing…

Oh yeah…

I really get tired of this. I mean, I WISH for something new. Like, I don’t know, anything. But COM interface popup is becoming so old it’s not even funny anymore… Like, really
Anyway, carry on, just thinking out loud.
As for user friendliness,
it does not get friendlier than this:
If you don’t recognize this program,
press the sandbox button.

See? It’s even in bold.
Like, trying to focus your reading
so that you could make a correct decision.
Really, entering CAPTCHA codes is more complicated than anserting D+ popup, if you ever get one…


CIS using low ram and cpu. I can tell you that most people should known what programs they use if they don’t it’s sad for them.

Tip: is a good place to search for programs for instance.

I know that CIS does give FP but that’s okey; better that then having NIS that can allow malware to come in your machine.

Sorry to say this but NIS is for (very) lazy people who have no time or lets rather says don’t want to spend their time to search info about the downloaded program. (don’t take it personally)

Since I began to use CIS 5 I have learned a lot and important things.


A true classic

CIS is good no doubt it but it isn’t user-friendliness.

and NIS?

NIS? I’ll never buy any of Norton apps.

I second that. Norton is like a virus in itself. You install it and it spreads files all over your computer! I was an avid Norton user years ago. I’ll never go back! :wink:

comodo is bite hard to handle but much better.

I agree, a little. It just takes some patience getting used to. Comodo is making improvements in their default settings to try to make it easier for novices. I have friends who know little about computers and I’ve never had a complaint from them. They like CIS and trust its protection.

i cannot be more agreed with you
i remember some machines who came with norton, and when it expired the owner were willing to uninstall it
mission impossible
after some tries of manually delete it we go to internet and found a famous tool made just to delete norton fron a computer :open_mouth:

Nortan’s slick marketing and crafty slang words doesn’t seem to be preventing network attacks.

Now now folks Nis and Cis are good programs but you guys knows more then an avenge user does :o
Step 1: when an normal person use Cis and gets a pop up whit text saying things that he/she dont understand it will not get this person to click on sandbox but rather or more likely allow kind of like a list

  1. Allow 2. Block and lastly 3. sandbox and it will be an infection risk there :o

Nis dont say anything and wont ask anything so it becomes easy for the avenger user to feel safe and dont get frustrated on the program.

But Cis is the better protection between Nis and Cis doe to the Sandbox thats kicks as ^^
But Cis can get better on the user friendly side by what i herd that this version should have done AUTO sandox unknown programs insted of saying Hey we found a unknown program here do you like so sandbox it or allow or block the program :stuck_out_tongue:

I am feling like a troll right now and that sucks but thats what i think ;D

I agree. Comodo’s only downside is that it’s currently more difficult to use, but it keeps getting easier with each release so eventually…

True, that’s why you may need to explain them how it works and why they should block by default.
It’s important to read the description.
If they don’t understand it, does the description says it’s a dangerous action? Then they should block it.

It already does that, auto sandbox unsigned (unknown) programs.
With the sandbox, you receive a lot less Defense+ alerts, it’s easier to smell something fishy when you start seeing D+ popups, there may be a problem…