"Noob" install VIDEO guide.

Here is a video guide for a basic install of Comodo Firewall Pro.
If you are new to Comodo this should hopefully help you.
Go to http://www.nordicnature.net/tutorials/index.html
and click the “noob” install guide link.

Good luck! :wink:

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That’s a pretty good install video AOwl™, I’m gonna sticky it (:CLP)

Great job (:CLP)

Nice video, but to few action scenes and fast cars… :wink:

Just kidding, nice work AOwL™! Two of my friends, that are noobs with computers and so, really like this video!

Thank you guys. ;D
I will try to include some action next time… :wink:

Great video! Too bad I saw it after I installed and configured cpf.
I have one question regarding Network monitor rules for LAN:
instead of two rules

allow   IP out      source:any         dest:Zone
allow   IP in         source: Zone     dest:any,

can I have just one

allow   IP in/out   source: Zone     dest: Zone ?

And for the outbound TCP/UDC traffic from my computer to the rest of the Internet, ther already is a rule set by the cpf.
I’ve set up my configuration that way, and it works. Maybe I’m missing someting?

My “network” consists of one PC and a router (:LGH)

You should keep the In and Out rules separate.

So the only rules you don’t have as default, is that you have merged that IP In/Out?

Yes, I added just this rule, to prevent cpf from blocking the communication in my LAN (between my PC and the router). Would it be better to make two rules, as in the video? If so, would you be so kind to explain why? (:SHY)

There has been some issues for users that have some rules in network or application monitor in the same In/Out.
It’s also easier to know if “destination” is you or the internet if you have separate rules.

You can always add a zone at anytime, and modify/delete it in security/tasks.

In application monitor you can have separate rules for in and out for a application instead of a In/Out-any-any.
You can have it like Out-any-any, and In-zone-port 80
That will make it a little more tighter.

If your way works for you, you can have it like that.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time out to help me. I will check out the information you gave. I will try and configure COMODO by watching the video. Hope this will help me. Will let you know.

Very good tutorial. :slight_smile:

unable to view tutorial. using win xp home sp2. see red x in top left conner. am i missing something?


What browser are you using?
What settings do you have - to block cookies, images, scripts, etc?

I just accessed the video tutorial using firefox, and had no problem.


using internet explorer 7. I’m not sure on cookies will have to check, but tracking cookies are shut out.


I just accessed it with IE7, no problems there either.

With Firefox (since it’s my primary browser), I monitor things more closely. No cookies were accepted for the site. No scripts were run. Images were allowed, from that site only (3rd-party images not allowed).

With IE7, the popup blocker is set to On, with no Exceptions. The phishing filter is Off. Security is in Internet Zone, set to Medium-High. Cookies’ acceptance is set to Medium.

You might try accessing it again, and press the control key (Ctrl) while clicking the link. In IE7, it did open it in a new window, where in FF it was in a new tab.


Well tried that, no sucess. Still got the Red X, no video. As you can tell I’m really a newbe on all these setting & etc. However, I have comodo firewall installed, and as far as I know, its working. I thank you for your suggestions. Maybe someday I’ll get it firgured out. However, any other suggestions appreciated.

Red X as in over the image? It usually means either the website/link is down or it’s blocked from your computer like as in the Host file.

Here’s the real (CWY) link:

You also need flash installed.


It’s just a little red x in the top left cornner. A big blank where a picture or something should be. I’ll check to see if I have Flash



I used search & found a multitude for Flashes. One that seemed logical said Flash Player, however when clicked on it came up blank. Not sure about the others. One I clicked on CK-Flash.JS said “runnung a sys command might be unsafe” so didn’t mess with the others.