NO more Unclassified Malware!!!!

The Artifical Intelegence is starting to do its job we have no Unclassified Malware on the udpdate page.
(lets hope its not a page bug) ;D ;D ;D ;D

Fireworks are needed CAVS is now in the Major Leagues!!!

:ilovecomodo: :comodorocks: (V) :comodo110: :comodojiggy: :BNC (:CLP)

Just a word of warning… The AI you refer to is called DAISY and she is very touchy and doesn’t like being called Artificial Intelligence… She says her name is DAISY and asks you to be careful how you address her next time…:slight_smile: Knowing how powerful the servers that run DAISY I would say do listen to her… :slight_smile:

Perhaps we should have named her a man’s name, as she would be less moody…but too late…


Alright Daisy How are you? Can we talk to her or is she the hiden User on the forums?

Ltes hpoe that she deons’t canhge itno Tmirenaotr , Soulhd I sartt uinsg Chaapa’s and this mtohed and a sonecd lnauagge?

Buy Daisy a lot of jelery and give Daisy your Credit Cards that will make Daisy happy!

Is this Daisy’s doing?[at]25570330 (notice the AI wording Come on Daisy Change that)


DARPA Artificial Intelligence SkYnet

Now who plays John Connor?

Daisy is my girlfriend so that makes me John Conner. :a0


Thank god, The unclassified names were really annoying ;D

So how fast is Daisy? IS she as fast as these?

Super Computer - Worlds fastest watercooled computer.

Apple G5 super computer at Varginia Tech Amazing

Roadrunner - IBM - fastest computer in the world: 1 petaflop

Thanks for update.
The false positive should be fix and be less than previous version.

nope…but she is clever…


May you guys should ask Daisy to Check for Bugs in CIS.

Google has a AI on Google Mars, you can talk to it.

She said google’s ai is not handsome or clever enough for her…:slight_smile:


What about this AI.

I talked to her she seems smarter then Googles AI.

P.S. I’m Neo, Melih is the Oracle, and Egemen is the Creator.

It’s BAAAACK. Check the latest definitions page.

Daisy must have gotten an artificial lobotomy.


Daisy may have slacked of on the job, or was there a power outage?

There is a lot for Daisy to do… she is working full time :slight_smile: and now she is onto you :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed it too. DAISY get to work!

LOL Melih this is freaking me out can we quit it. pls
May just get nightmares.

P.S. I know Daisy is the name for the basis on witch you put youre code on top.
P.S.S. I can make a EMP.

hehe :slight_smile:


Out of all the Servers you guys have/use whats the fastests ones. Can put them from strongest to weekest?

DNS Servers
CIMA servers
Website Servers
TC Servers
And the servers that check if a file is safe.

Daisy Heard us Unclassified Malware is gone again.

Latest Database Version: 1552
Release Date (all times GMT): 6-Jul-2009 00:37:46
Number of Definitions Added Today: 1
Total Definitions: 5512653

Edit: Checks again ITs Back and this time its 29071.

And the DB keeps getting bigger. I’m starting to wonder if family signatures actually mean a smalller db for us or if it means that the AV team only has to generate one sig that automatically generates all the variants and actually gives us a larger db.