No CIS Free Webpage? [MERGED THREAD]

How come on the main COMODO webpage when I go to PRODUCTS > FREE PRODUCTS > FIREWALL & AV it takes me to the paid version of CIS with no free version download in sight? All I see there is to buy or try a trial version. >:(

Yeah, they kind of hide it… 88) They talk about how it’s free and will be forever, but they sure push the paid version.

Anyway, last time I looked at the site, there were links on the left hand side of the page that said things like Firewall, Anti Virus, etc… If you click on the firewall link, it takes you to the CIS page that has links to both the free and the paid version.

Pfff,serious???What’s this?->

As I stated above, following those links take me to…

Now how would someone out of the loop now to go to your link? They should use that webpage link instead.

Correct, but aren’t you seeing this when clicking on the links?

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Yes I do. It is just not obvious like is.

That’s what I was saying. They’re really downplaying the whole free thing these days.

CIS isn’t listed here;

^ it should be.

I agree with you guys… It’s almost hidden… I would guess it is a paid product if I was an average user browsing across looking for an Internet Security suite.

EDIT:: It seems that there are lots of gramical errors with the website. They may only be tiny but since your running a professional company these things need to be"Shmick" :-\

Yes,it is :))

That’s not CIS. That Antivirus and Firewall. I’m a noob user and I’m looking for an Internet security suite. (It’s not there)

Btw, Wow look at this. They still advertise Comodo BOclean,

When going to download it, It downloads CIS, It doesn’t tell you this…
More info \changed wording needs to be fixed on the new website pls…

EDIT:: woops. It is explained here in tiny writing.

Though it says “BOclean is now included in CIS” It does not say that your downloading CIS, only BOclean.

OK,you’re almost right.Just almost :slight_smile:


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The website isn’t clear at all.

^ here for example it says “Free trial”

Front page Kyle… I think you’re trying to find fault where no fault exits… Sorry :frowning:

Hey Quill I do not think that you understand my point, I ofcourse know with a bit of digging I can find the free CIS. Though If i was the average Joe I would not.

If I was joe… I go to I select “Home computing” then I select “Internet security”
Ok… Nup, Doesn’t work - Just a trial or buy.

Back to home page…
“Desktop software”… I see CIS! Nope, another trial\or buy.

Back to homepage,
“Products” → “free software” . Nope CIS isn’t listed there either.

Product selection wizard also only shows as a trial.

I see “Home Computing” and “Home and Office” Link to exactly the same page.

Wtf? Cause I point out an fault it makes me the bad guy? What ever happened to constructive criticism…

I don’t appreciate it, I spend alot of my time helping people here.


What are you talking about? 88)

The fault does exist! If you’re looking for the much bragged about free forever internet security suite, you need to do some site diving to find it. The average user isn’t going to realize this.

Look at the page I added the screenshot for. In order to download the free version of CIS, you need to click on the internet security link on the home and home office products page. This takes you to the pro version of the page. The only mention of free is “try it free for 30 days”.

However, if you are savvy enough to click the antivirus or firewall links on the left hand side of the page, it does take you to a page with a free download link. But as Kyle has pointed out, these links either talk about the AV or the firewall. They don’t tell you that what you are actually going to be downloading is the internet security suite and that you will have the option to install just the AV or firewall components when you are installing the suite.

I mean seriously, why the logic puzzles? From the bragging about it being free product and the slogan of creating trust online, they sure send you on a wumpus hunt to try and find the free version.

If I were just some person who didn’t know better but was recommended CIS from a friend, I would be convinced there was no free version! Is this really creating trust? It’s borderline shady in my opinion.

I really like the CIS product, but Comodos marketing antics are very avant garde. The website is almost like a performance art piece.

Seriously guys. If you want to appear on the up and up, on all of your product pages, make it very clear where a new user can download your much touted free internet security suite.


Edit: Typos. :-[

Products need to be easy to find, especially if they are advertised as free. The web page needs to be modified to correct this ‘small’ oversight.

I agree it needs to corrected.

But I am afraid this may not happen. I have seen this tucking_away_ free_ stuff_at_the_benefit_of_paid_products on other sites as well. It seems some kind of marketing/communication strategy.

Sort of “Creating Trust Online” then? :wink: