could someone tell me how i change my position here? i find newbie slightly insulting… only slightly tho…

post many +1 or :-TU
(it is the post count that matters not the substance ;D)


We’d prefer you didn’t do that of course. Anyway, you need 25 posts to loose the Newbie title.

PS Also… post your desktop image, tell everybody the music your listening to & don’t forget this topic either (you can post almost anything there).

blackproton- Only 9 more posts and its no mo’ newbie status!


See, I’m called a “Comodo’s Hero” just because I made a bunch of worthless posts, like this one. ;D

Most of your posts that I read weren’t worthless at all and I have benefited much from reading them!


Well… Is there anything beyond the “hero” category? ;D

Mod. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks :), but have you visited a brain doctor lately? :stuck_out_tongue:

By invitation?

Well i was like you but i posted and helped (at least i think i helped) and look at me now 300+. I did 59 posts in a day but i wouldn’t advise that it will bring the attention of the Mods!

I’m not trying to bring Mods attention.
Just want to know how the forum works.

Matty_R ???

You voiced (well not really) my exact thoughts. ???

(It happens when you read too much of the gossip on the mod board ;D)

matty how did you get the Spanish inquisition on?

so then how many and what ranks are there ?

Maby instead of “newbie” that could refer to someones skill level or experience the user group could be renamed to “new member”…

Or something else more neutral, (not that I personnaly think the word newbie is offending but…)…

Just want to know how the forum works.
Some say we operate like the Skull & Bones Society :o
(not that I personnaly think the word newbie is offending but..)..
How about "newcomer"

+1 :-TU
Johnny Flame