New Forum my opinion

Everything is better than Discourse. I don’t know why people insist on subjecting others to this ■■■■

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Not really. If anything it’s a side-grade/side-step.

ok, now i think i had enough time to adapt to this and…

please lord, oh god!!! roll back to the old forum. update its interface and lets all be happy.

this new thing you call forum is a disaster. its a mess, not intuitive and silly. we dont need frufrus, we need usability. the old one is usable this new is not. just like cis. weve being waiting for a new release for a looooong time and all you came up was an mockup for a new theme…

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want to see even in a friendly way?
try acess via link…

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this continues to be a disaster. try entering any subforum from categories… its a mess.
majority dislikes it but it seems that it doesnt count so…

Yes and you’ve more then made your point so please…

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Being on the forum since '20…
Created 2.0k posts and have read even more topics…
Participated in many many deep going (technical) discussions…
Did help many other forum members a lot…
Was rated as “Comodo Hero” on the old forum…

And now on this new forum I see that I’m just a basic user…
And that all my PM’s have been deleted…

Thank you for resetting me.

Here we are two months later and nobody has bothered to address the user complaints. I’m guessing at this point you guys just don’t care what we think.

Hi @Oldiesmann since this was directed at me I hope you won’t mind if I answer.

Moaning about the site or layout of said community has absolutely nothing to do with the moderators of this community, so we cannot address what ever feedback you all collectively have.

I apologise for any inconvenience that may cause.

Yeah, that might sum it up nicely.

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I still say that this is a mess, nothing isn’t that easily to be found but sure looks nice for mobile users.

On old forum could easily find what was looking but on this needs to search it.

So where we non-mobile users could give feedback directly to Comodo since posting here seems useless.

In addition to the cybersecurity features that all modern antivirus programs should have like malware and antivirus scans as well as real-time protection, Comodo throws in a few extras.

this forum is a total mess, not a real structure total choatic, try to find the newest downloads for CIS or the cnewest cleaning tool for it, instead to find it instand you have to sereach and scroll and even than you can’t be sure that you fund the latest/newest ones.

can’t even find the logout button… smfh

Post edited because it was not my intention to offend. I just meant that if someone finds the forum inappropriate, they shouldn’t feel obligated to participate. Nothing else

truer words have never been spoken. SMF was Boss. This whole new discourse forum is a mess of random posts of a incoherent system (if you can call it a system) of subjects. Sometimes people can’t admit their mistakes. It sucks plain and simple.

My last opinion on it. some features are easier and simplify those of SMF and also has features SMF did not. Even when the forum was using a long outdated version of SMF from like 2008 ? Mostly this whole thread makes it clear users dislike it but no matter our opinions. Have a nice day.

Hi sAyer,

Thank you for reporting.
We will take this to the team notice and update you.
Also kindly us know if you have issue on find somethihng on fourm, we will guide you.