New Forum my opinion

I just discovered the new Comodo forum
It surprises when we are not warned
Many links no longer work and files added in the past are lost
I was moderator for the French section but on this forum it’s not the case anymore, it doesn’t bother me at all by the way
I am an administrator of a forum where I talk about Comodo

My opinion ?
SMF is far superior in every way
Good luck to you

Hi. The forum looks really good. One thing bothers me though. Some posts are being moved to forum policy violation board. I can’t really see why. Forum Policy Violation Board - Comodo Forum

Same here Zorkas - maybe it’ll work out, but at the moment a lot of things have changed, moved or vanished w/o any notice - not impressed

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I’m lost. I find the previous forum more easy to use and more clear to read. I can’t even find the way to log out!

Agree with Zorkas, ploget and Boris_3, not liking this at all. You can’t see the wood for the trees it is just a jumbled mess.

I can’t even log in on the Web as it says my username and password are invalid but when I click on 'email me a login link I have to go to my phone, click on the link in the email and get straight in with no password :person_shrugging: As such I’m having to use my phone to write this.

The previous SMF layout was so much clearer and easier to navigate :person_facepalming:

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

To make the forum clearer, it would be useful to find subdivisions by :

  • language
  • by software (CIS, CSS, …)
  • by software functionality CIS-FW, CIS-AV

I just asked to reset password, then entered the old password as new. Problem solved.

Yup, that worked. AND now I’m even told that my post has to be a minimum of 20 characters WT!

Why didn’t you upgrade the old forum under SMF (open source) to the latest version 2.1.3 ?
The number of possibilities being greater
I have an SMF forum under the latest version, it’s really the best !

I agree SMF is great, but don’t ask me, lol.

It also doesn’t make sense that this is the forum for CIS & mainly Home users, but all the links at the top point towards the ’ Xcitium ’ Business usage ?

Noticed that too and don’t like it either.

I sent a PM to Melih = No response ?
Forced change of interface without consulting users ?
Returning links to Xcitium ?
I can not understand ? No

There you can connect using the link. Under the login, when entering data, there is an inscription, you click on it and a link comes to the mail.

Before I stared using Discource, moving from SMF, i felt exactly you guys did!
please give it a time, you will love the platform. I use it in few other forums last 3 years.

Hi Dolphin66,

Try “Categories” option on home page, you may find it easier. If you can’t access your account using password, then please try forgot password option once.

Melih, I do not understand how to write a new message in the topic. How to reply to a comment is not a problem.

As Stardust wrote, reset the password and enter it as a new one and everything will work.

Hi ROB2, Please PM me the email id of your old account., we will try to fix it.

Hi C.O.M.O.D.O_RT,

I’ve managed to update my password and log in.

As for the ‘categories’ that still to me shows as a jumbled mess down the side and not clearly defined sections as per SMF.