New Dragon theme's v3.0, Windows Aero Included.

Well 5 theme’s for dragon, two of the theme’s being compatible with Windows Aero

The other being a dark theme, that is a mirror of the light theme.

The light theme was the original that started it all :slight_smile:

I should say that there are limitations as to what I can do with text color for the bookmark section, I have tried all color’s and honest this is the only one that works… You may think why not use white, well simply because the color for the text for bookmarks is the same for the download’s… so if I make bookmarks white… you wont be able to see what the file name of your download is. Still all feedback welcomed. ;D

2.9: (11/16/2011)
NEW: Two new Red Dragon theme’s, Including Windows Aero support
IMPROVED: Used default buttons from Dragon on all theme’s.
Pictures attached for 2.9

3.0.1: (11/19/2011)
NEW: Dark Dragon now has a background picture that’s inline with the name.
NEW: Light and Windows Aero Dragon now have newer backgrounds as to mirror Dark Dragon.
IMPROVED: Both light and dark dragon theme’s and Aero will blend better with pages of white background.
IMPROVED: Bookmark text for Light Dragon Improved to be better visible.
IMPROVED: Red Dragon & Red Dragon Aero toolbar background changed.
FIXED: Fixed bug found in Red Dragon theme’s that would not allow links to be visible

Currently planed for 3.1 decreasing size of theme’s :slight_smile: and adding support all the way up to 2560 by 1600.

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how to install the theme ???

whts with gray color??? , Dragon original theme color is grey :frowning:

Download the zip folder attached, extract it, and then double click on one of the .CRX files

if you get a error during the install or the above method doesn’t work, you can install it by putting the local address of the file on the Dragon Address bar something like:

C:\Users\OmeletGuy\Desktop\Dark Dragon.crx

To answer your second question, I am working on other colors, there is a red one in the works, but like I said, Light theme started it all, so the first 3 are grey… there will be newer ones of different colors.

Nothing against the theme other that the buttons look nasty-ugly.

the ones attached better?

[attachment deleted by admin]

No, I love the default ones in Dragon.

Sad to say, those buttons are out of my reach, every theme that you can try also goes to the ones in my theme’s.

However that doesn’t mean i wont try to find a way to use the normal buttons.

thnx for help, i installed the themes, they are good but kindly u should change the COMODO DRAGON background color on the extreme left-bottom corner as u can see in attached screenshot, change the background of COMODO DRAGON to no color, white looks pathetic, even any color will look pathetic like old school image making, just keep it grey like the whole below bar.

[attachment deleted by admin]

No problem, it’s only my opinion. I won’t pass up an opportunity to try out these themes. Thanks for the upload.

Thats a known bug of that picture not being transparent, its like that for every theme, I currently cant fix that sadly. Edit- I can go around that. let me get a hotfix for it. Oh… no option to change the color of the bar behind that picture… :cry:

Your welcome.

thnx and will wait for the fix :slight_smile:

why dont u remove that C-D logo, i think it doesn’t matter if u remove it ???

i think u should modify the Default theme and ADD C-D logo in it like the themes u posted here :a0

Making a theme doesn’t allow for a option to remove that, that logo if fully up to the developers of Dragon.

File bug reports guys if you want that fixed, as the fix is rather easy to do… 1 minute to make that picture transparent. If only I knew where the PNG for it is located.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: I cant modify it also. No options for it, and to be extremely honest there are many limits in making a theme that i would love to see Dragon improve on. :cry:

i have filed a bug report

Like the background (IMO, better than current plain background and good branding). This should be included by default within CD :-TU.


I found a way to make them show up… so will do that for all the theme’s soon.

Updated main post. :slight_smile: ;D

Nice, you always seem to amaze me. It works great. Thanks once again.

nice work. I will pick the dark red one :slight_smile: