NEW CIS is awesome but..

Great I.S guys :slight_smile: but it is still far from Kaspersky’s settings and functions. Kaspersky has so many more features. If these can be added then CIS is the :-TU ;D

like what :slight_smile:

I like it the way it is. The fewer things I have to configure in a security product, the more I like it.

From the AV Faq:

I hope that answers part of your questions.

yes what you said is true but why should Comodo wait for the malware to hit memory or hard disk? Shouldn’t it be able to kill it before the malware even enters the OS? I like the philosophy of a web antivirus, email antivirus, etc because it prevents malware from even entering. I think CIS would become a much better Internet security if these were added. Also, what if malware hits the hard disk or memory and CIS is unable to remove it? Then your stuck and have to find an alternative. Beginners wouldn’t even know how to use the HIPS

Having those extra scanners only slows down your system unnecessarily. Avast for example, causes noticeable slowdowns when used with the Comodo Firewall which does not happen if you use the Comodo anti virus. Any AV is only as good as it’s signature database. Some, like MSE and the upcoming Comodo product in CIS v4 also employ heuristics and if something suspicious is detected that is not in the signatures, the database servers are contacted for updated detections that may not have been downloaded to your computer yet. If I was going to use anything other than the Comodo AV, it would definitely be MSE which has excellent detection rates and even better,excels at removing infections which is where many AV’s fall down.

Dude, I totally agree with what your saying but MSE is trash for XP… I used it for like an hour today on my HP Pc not dual core but at 3 gHz with 1 GB ram and it used up 50% of my CPU! That’s ridiculous… If I were to use any other antivirus it would be Avast. Atleast Comodo should add behaviour blocker or some form of SONAR (used in Norton if Antivirus misses)… Sonar is a great form to stop any malware that slips by AV. Comodo is still an excellent suite because it takes up like 5% CPU while scanning and 0% CPU when real-time, I love it and use the same setup as you Dch48


I think you are misunderstanding how these things work.

either a website or mail you read IS ALREADY in your PC! So when you say it prevents it from entering, you are under misconception that it is stopped before it enters your PC.


Ohhhhhhh my mistake then, sorry about that so then what does a web guard or email guard exactly do? ???

It depends really on the product… Avast! and MBAM for example block Certain websites \ Addresses that host malware.

“web guard” and “email guard” type of protection downloads the web page or email to your PC and then analyses it before it either A) passes it to your browser or email app or B) produces an alert advising of any potential or real issues with the page/email.

A security app running on your PC can only provide protection against things that are in your PC.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Anatomy of a Desktop Security Product 8)

Eh? No it doesn’t. I have 3 PC’s running Avast & Comodo Firewall and never get any slowdown. Neither do multiple friends and acquaintances running the same set up. If anyone is getting slowdown running them together then they should check their set-up.

It certainly does for me. It’s not huge but it is noticeable when compared to how things go with CAV. Another thing I don’t like about Avast is that hideous DvD player type GUI and the hoops you have to jump through to see and configure the various modules, at least half of which are not even needed.

avast slows down my computer I can notice it a little but with Comodo’s antivirus I notice nothing so thats good even though the antivirus is weak. I care more about the HIPS

It certainly does for me. It's not huge but it is noticeable when compared to how things go with CAV.
That must be unique to your system then, I set up 4 Laptops for friends ready for Xmas presents and no slowdown issue on any of them.
Another thing I don't like about Avast is that hideous DvD player type GUI and the hoops you have to jump through to see and configure the various modules, at least half of which are not even needed.
!ot! But I will point out that using the Avast skin is optional and even if you use them you can change it to something much better. Avast 5 doesn't use skins so that is no longer an issue anyway. As for jumping through hoops to configure, I won't even waste my time commenting on that one. 88)

You should though because the configuration is anything but intuitive. The individual modules can not be accessed in any way through the main GUI, but only through a complicated series of clicks starting from the system tray icon.

Nobody will notice slowdowns if they never compare it to the alternative of using the full CIS package. They’ll think that’s the way it’s supposed to be and can’t get any better. When compared, you can see a difference. Like I said, it’s not huge, but it is there.

Which I have done on my test PC many times. So it has been compared and more than once.

With a new computer, without much other software competing for resources, most anything will seem fairly fast. “Real” testing is on a computer used and tested for over months.

I have used avast!, Norton, Avira, and others but I have always come back to CIS. Faster, lighter, and more control. What I want. :slight_smile:

Well expressed. :-TU 8)