Multilanguage Version - Comodo still needs your help!

Hi Guys,

This is a new thread because there are still some languages which are not in version 3.9 of CIS yet so hopefully here we can continue uploading not only new languages here to be in CIS 3.9, But also current languages included; (If you find spelling errors, etc, you can edit and upload here with a little change log for developers).

No need to worry about Registrations. We welcome anyone to help translate, and the translations will be checked before adding to CIS. Ideally, 3 people per language is the aim.

The following languages have been included with the 3.9 release:

  1. Arabic
  2. Brazilian
  3. Chinese(Simplified)
  4. Chinese(Traditional)
  5. Czech
  6. Danish
  7. Dutch
  8. Estonian
  9. Finnish
  10. French
  11. German
  12. Italian
  13. Japanese
  14. Polish
  15. Portuguese
  16. Romanian
  17. Russian
  18. Slovak
  19. Swedish

The following languages have not been included with the 3.9 release: (We need languages for these so please spread the word!)

  1. Spanish
  2. Hungarian
  3. Croatian
  4. Norwegian
  5. Turkish
  6. Greek
  7. Indonesian
  8. Finnish
  9. Hebrew
  10. Persian
  11. Korean
  12. Catalan
  13. Serbian
  14. Ukrainian

Here are the translation tools for the CIS Program, Installer and Website:

Help File:

Few Notes: - NOTE: COMODO_MultiLanguagePack attached in post! This is to save download time and not uploading the entire CIS set up, If you don’t have CIS v3.9 on your computer, please download latest v3.9 setup to test your translations. Download Comodo Internet Security 3.9

  1. has a document ML_User_Guide_v.1.1.doc explaining how to use translation tool.
  2. You can get download latest v3.9 version to test your translations.
  3. is help file package, which has html and image files. Following points should be noted while translating help:
    a) Use editor of your choice to edit .html files
    b) Do not change name of any image or html file
    c) Do not change any link inside .html files
    d) After translation is done, please let us know, we can create .chm file and you can review it unless you can have Pocket CHM software to create .chm file.

Steps for Translating Comodo Internet Security Related Web Pages:

  1. Download
  2. Translate all HTML files present within it. Just change the display text please. Use tool of your choice.
  3. Please make sure, we do not change any:
    a) Hyperlinks
    b) Name of any image
    c) Any style-sheet
    d) image
  4. Please upload translation back and we will incorporate into site.

Steps for Translating Comodo Internet Security Installers:

  1. Download
  2. Change extension to .lang
  3. Modify it for language name and language id.
  4. Translate all strings mentioned in file
  5. Place .lang file in same folder where you have setup placed, it will automatically recognize .lang file and show language name in combo box when you run installer.
  6. Run installer and pick language and installer will show your translation

Thanks guys! Please spread the word and help us out! :slight_smile: And thank you to all translators for their invaluable efforts and look forward to seeing more translators to help with the other languages above!



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Update translate COMODO website for russian.
Fixed errors translate.

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Fixed errors translate CIS for russian.
Fixed typos, spelling errors and other errors translate.

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Thank you Dima.

Just to reiterate: We will accept modifed translations too of current languages, So these languages are maintained as Typos/Spelling Errors are found.


Hi, here’s the latest version of the German language files.

  • Changed some translations concerning updates
  • Fixed: Little graphical glitch on the summary screen with signatures update time label and the panel border.

There are still some glitches, but I can’t do anything about them. It must be fixed by COMODO.

1.) In the D+ dialog about access rights from applications, the middle coloumn is too small. But it cannot be resized.
2.) In the scan window, the starting time isn’t translated.
3.) Tasks can only defined in AM/PM format. We use 24-hour-format

4.) There was a report about wrong strings in the log viewer in the “Translation Help / Discussion” thread. But somehow the whole thread is gone… They were all in the filter dialogs. I don’t remember all, but one was Filter → Firewall Log → Filter by → Protocol shows “Choose Action” instead of “Choose Protocol”
Has this been already addressed?

Regards, Mike

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japanese language file updated.

  • updated cfp, cfpconfg and cfplogvw
  • included installer and other 5 lang files

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Here is the slovak.lang updated together with the installer. What we need to ask COMODO team is to resize the texts so they fit into all columns and pop-up windows.

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Hi, :slight_smile:

Here I leave you ready completed Spanish language, everything is checked and translated.

The HTML help file I have not finished. When you finish, can I then send it as an individual file?

Thanks :wink:

Edit: I modified the file because I found an error in translation. Is already fixed and uploaded the updated file of the Spanish language.

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Traditional Chinese Update
Fixed an error in cfpconfg.ChineseTraditional.lang
Also switched to use the Traditonal Chinese language files come with CIS final version as the master copy for correction.

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I thought the Hungarian language is ready - i haven’t got much time to work with it but i’ll try my best. However, i wonder why we should translate a web page instead an XML file what comodo can use to switch between languages, it won’t be too efficent.

I’m nearly finished translating but cfp is still working.
Because it have a lot of command.
Where can I post my finished translation file ?

Also, would it be possible to get language improvements in form of daily updates? Since us, translators, also listen to the community and get suggestions on improvements and would like to include these in updated translations. Waiting for a whole new version coming out isn’t directly the best option. So when the virus definitions get updated, you simply include language files as well.

Post in this thread and attach your language files in an archive. The archive name should contain the language name and the creation date, so that it’ll be simpler to manage different versions if you change something in future.

I’m against mixing up virus definitions updates and program updates. Wouldn’t it be better if the “standard” updater could handle this.

Hello, I have a question.

Is it possible to translate into Russian others sites COMODO? For example: interface forum, website comodo and etc.
If there is a possibility, ask contact with me.

Thanks in advance.

French lang updated.

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Whatever, important is to have the latest updates accessible.

Fixed the SafeSurf Toolbar Install dialog (again)

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These are my finished translatio file.

Note : I’m translating firewall langauge pack it was a lot of command.
I’ll finish as soon as possible.


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How Can I join the translation program?

I would like to take the Indonesian language…

Welcome to the forums tridentcore!

Please find the 3 tools on the first post of the thread. We don’t need any registrations for this particular thread, only before. But since some translations weren’t done in 3.9, Melih (Comodo CEO) decided it would be a good idea to keep it going and get the unfinished languages done.

So if you haven’t got it already, download CIS 3.9 version and the tools in first thread for translation Websites, CIS, and installer… If you need few other people to help you that is advised (at least 3 people), but if your confident to do it on your own, then by all means do that too. We will allow anyone to join who wishes to contribute.

Thanks for your efforts, Highly appreciated.