microsoft excel not working [Resolved]

i tried to update office 2000 SR-1 professional from microsoft website but at the final stage of update it asked for a cd which i dont have. so i have to cancel the update. afer that word and powerpoint is working fine but excel is not opening. whenever i try to open excel it ask for a cd. what could be the problem. help out guyz.

genuine copy of office
office 2000 SR-1 professional
xp sp3 with latest updates

One of the reasons I dumped all Microsoft works and word products and went with Open

any solution here buddy

Have you tried running the diagnostics ?


I told you my solution. Get

how to run the diagnostics?? i tried to repair it through add remove entry but there too it asked for cd. i urgently need to repair excel coz i have lots of excel files on the machine and i need to check them for some work purpose. so please help me out guyz.

Open Start - Microsoft Office - Run diagnostics …


start - microsoft office tools - microsoft access snapshot viewer
microsoft office language settings
microsoft office shortcut bar

there is no diagnostics here


  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button
    , and then click Excel Options.
  2. Click Resources.
  3. Click Diagnose, click Continue, and then click Start Diagnostics.


which microsoft office button u r talking of. if u r talking of the button in the start menu the same thing appears as i mentioned in the previous post (those three links) if there is microsoft office button in the excel menu then i have already mentioned i cant access or open excel it asks for cd

Have you tried running it out of Word ?


Did it come preinstalled on your pc? Dont you have the Microsoft works cd?

i didn’t get u

yes it came preinstalled. actually my bro sent the laptop from us. theres also the cd kit but theres no office cd in it

Try the same way in Word

theres no such thing as word option in microsoft word

Open the
then down the right there should be a Options buttom. 88)



try to open Word, go to “help”, go to “detect and repair”

This might do the job.

Good luck!


asking for the cd man

You should have the cd if it came preinstalled on your pc. Did you buy it new?