microsoft excel not working [Resolved]

no such thing man. whats this logo stands for

it came preinstalled and yes its new and got all the cds such as operating system and all the other cds but theres no office cd

Get OpenOffice Calc

It’s just the same, but free.


you guyz are suggesting open office. that means no solution for this problem

errr, sorry naren, i can’t really help either :-
but, you say it came preinstalled? errr no offense here buddy,but are you sure it’s a genuine copy?
your brother sent it to you? maybe he has the CD then? :-\

its a genuine copy. i asked my bro. he dont have the cd

  1. Yeah, I have a legal version to… (at least that’s what it thinks).

So you have no CD and no back-up files ? Then I think I can’t help you further either :-.


hmm, maybe it’s a trial version?
sorry, but there’s not much you can do without the CD i think :-
maybe you can contact microsoft support center asking the cd? :-
meanwhile, you have no choice other than using other alternatives. open office is pretty good. :-TU

My pc came preinstalled with Works and I have the CD also. But I dumped Office and now using

Trial can’t be, that way the other programs wouldn’t start either. I wonder why eXcell failed, it aint giving any errors ?

funny, I’ve the Legal CD lying next to me…


My pc was a brand new Gateway years ago and I got all the CD’s I need encase I had to reformat. My Aunt just bought a new Dell and she has all her CD’s including Works with Office.

when the update from the microsoft website asked for the cd then i tried other alternative in the website that stated update with larger size download files which may not require cd but that too asked for the cd then i tried one more alternative mentioned in the site that stated update each update seperately which may not require cd but that too asked for the cd. then i tried searching for help in the help and trouble shooting section related to office but i didn’t find any. so i posted here. i think the last option is to contact microsoft support or get open office or you guyz know few more trouble shooting

Well let’s give it a final shot before ending : What error is it giving ?


the path microsoft office 2000 professional cannot be found. verify that you have access to this location and try again, or try to find the installation package data1.msi in a folder from which you can install the product microsoft office 2000 sr-1 professional.

LOL. Look like your out of luck. You need your CD.

ok. thanxx for all ur suggestions and help guyz



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heyy guyz thanxx for all the support and help. searched a lot and alas found the solution for the excel problem and wanted to share with you frds. here is the solution -------

Start>Run “excel.exe /unregserver”(no quotes)>OK.
Start>Run “excel.exe /regserver”(no quotes)>OK.


“c:\program files\microsoft office\office\excel.exe” /unregserver(with quotes)>OK.
“c:\program files\microsoft office\office\excel.exe” /regserver(with quotes)>OK.



Ok, then I’l lock it again :wink:

It’s great that you found the solution Naren, I hope some other users can use it to.

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